Keila Thomas

Advanced Placement classes can be a good opportunity to receive some college credits from a passing AP exam score.

Bobbi Zahn, reporter

The acronym “AP” stands for Advanced Placement. Any student can sign up for Advanced Placement courses, but many feel intimated by the rumors about the difficulty of the classes. The title ‘Advanced Placement’ isn’t supposed to scare students away from taking the course but, instead, let them challenge themselves to higher levels of achievement.

Every student has a different opinion on AP classes, but they all agree on two things: AP provides an insight to college and it’s a GPA boost.

Junior Christopher Lopez said, “That it’d be foolish not to take as many AP classes as you possibly can […] since these are college level courses, which can be used as college credit if you pass your exams […] although they are more challenging, everyone should push themselves.”

“Advanced Placement are college level courses that help students prepare for college work while they are still in high school. Students who take AP courses are often more prepared for the academic challenges presented in college,” according to Preparing Your Child For College: 2000 Edition.

Although Seminole High School holds an orientation regarding the AP regimen of classes, some students feel they don’t have enough information in advance to make a decision.

Sophomore Lamar McFarlane said, “I think the AP Program is portrayed harder than it really is.”

However, other students have different perspectives on Advancement Placement.

Junior Melissa Vargas said, “AP classes aren’t the easiest in the world but they’re not the hardest. Be ready to take on a different type of workload and don’t stress too much over the AP exam. Just study what your teacher suggests and get an AP review book.”

Students enroll in AP for a variety of reasons:  the IB program, to expand personal goals, to prepare for college and, for others, it’s because of their parents.

Junior Tristan Cople stated that he will take AP Language and Composition because, “My parents want me to and it will be a challenge. Plus, it will look good for college.”

When junior Alexa Roscoe finished her AP Art History class, she was “satisfied with completing the course.”

Seminole High School offers many AP classes for free that can greatly benefit students headed for college. For more information, visit the school website or talk with your guidance counselor.