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Peony Katira

On February 11th 2024, the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated a monumental win against the San Francisco 49ers at the 58th annual Super Bowl. The game went into overtime, with a concluding score of 22-25. With the Chiefs taking home the victory, it also comes with the traditional after superbowl celebrations. Every year, the winning team celebrates their victory at the Disney Parks, as well as a parade with fans of the team in attendance. People from all around the world come to celebrate with the teams at the Super Bowl parades. This article will be taking an in depth look at what happened that day.

Kansas City players and fans gathered on February 14th to join in what was supposed to be one of the most memorable days of their life, celebrating the win Kansas City achieved just three days before. Everybody showed up decked out in their best team attire, sporting the red, white, and gold colors hoping to have a great time with fellow fans. Thousands of people were seen lining the streets of Missouri, and many others were tuning in on streaming services in their homes, even people from Seminole High School. A student who would like to remain anonymous said, “I am a really big Chiefs fan, so I was obviously really excited when I saw they won the Super Bowl. The game was a really close call, and I wish I could have gone.”

With the plethora of people who were in attendance, 23 of them left permanently changed, and the rest left mentally scarred. After the entire duration of the parade was complete, and as everybody was planning to exit, several gunshots were heard casting through the sky. Clusters of people were running frantically in different directions, trying to concoct the safest plan of exit away from the violence. The team was immediately escorted out by security, as security on the streets were focused on safety for the fans. Many people were incredibly confused, and flustered not knowing what to do or where to go. The day that was supposed to be filled with celebration and fun, turned into horror and fear. 

With this tragic event, 22 people were left injured with gunshot wounds and one person’s life was sadly taken by the hands of the criminal. 43 year old Elizabeth Galvan’s came to this horrible fate, and a Go Fund Me page was started in her honor. The page has brought in a total of 300,000 dollars so far, with more to come. For the others, of the 22 people injured 11 of them were children. The lives of these people’s family members were forever altered in a terrible manner. FLVS student Sophia Gooch said, “me and my family have been chiefs fans for as long as I can remember, so of course we were really excited for the Super Bowl. When we found out they won it was so amazing. We were watching the parade together and we stopped a little bit before it ended so we could do something else. The next day I looked at the news and I saw all of the horrifying news about the shooting. My heart truly breaks for everybody there, they just wanted to go and enjoy some football fun with the other fans and it turned into something so traumatic.”

The day ended very traumatically, and we wish the best for the people in attendance and all of their families. 

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