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2093 BY YEAT

Sahasra Vemula

Ever since 2019, the uprising star, Yeat, has been contributing to the rap industry. Since then, he’s gained more than 25 million monthly listeners. Recently, on February 16, Yeat released his latest album, titled “2093”, featuring songs with other rap stars like Drake, Future, and Lil Wayne. 


Yeat is no stranger to the rap game. Since 2021, he’s had multiple trending songs, such as “Money So Big” and “Sorry Bout That.” From 2019, he has released a total of 9 albums, known as “Wake Up Call,” “Different Creature,” “Alivë,” and more. 


Yeat is most known for his unique use of the Germanic umlaut (ë, ä, ü) in his song and album titles. With this, he creates a style unlike other artists, highlighting his creativity and individuality. 


More recently, his new album came out in February of 2024, named “2093.” Its theme revolves around a psychotic and unnatural state of chaos and curiosity. It connects to life beyond Earth through the artistry of his subterranean techno (“Riot & Set It Off”), as well as the deep bass, dark rhythms, and trap drums.


Despite the effort put into this album’s production, there have been numerous mixed opinions on it. SHS junior Gavin Dykes says, “I had really high hopes for this album. I wouldn’t say it sucks, but compared to other stuff he’s released, it could’ve been a lot better. It’s definitely unique, but not really for me.”


However, others strongly appreciated the album. “I absolutely loved the album. In my opinion, it completely lived up to its hype,” says SHS sophomore Mason Petrie, “I feel like Yeat’s true fans are more drawn to this album, while the fans who aren’t as into him seem less amused by it. Either way, it’s great for me. I honestly feel like it’s better than any of his previous releases. My favorite track from it is Never Quit.”


Regardless of the mixed reviews, “2093” has gained over 200,000 listens, with each track having at least 60,000. The most streamed songs have been “Breathe,” “As We Speak (feat. Drake),” and “Never Quit.” Some Yeat fans are hoping for more albums released with this style from him, while others connect more with his earlier work. At the moment, future releases are uncertain, but it’s rumored that he’ll be going back to his old ways in his music, with his distinctive bell sounds being most prominent.

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