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Katelyn Van
Seminole High Student pictured in her anticipated summer wear- a long and unique patterned skirt along with a classic blue converse and black tee.

As we have all been waiting for, the 2024 summer season is finally approaching. With the summer quickly on its way, everyone has been anticipating the fashion and trends we will see this year. Some are looking cute, while others are looking completely outlandish. 


With social media being so influential, runway fashion is rising back to fame. One big staple item this summer that will likely be seen a lot is a classic, flowy white dress. Seen in Givenchy, Miu Miu, and even Ferragamo, there have been at least 1-2 iconic white dresses making their simplistic statement on the runway. Even in the average fashion class, the white dress is still used across any and everybody. According to an anonymous Seminole High School junior, “white dresses come back every year for the summer, it’s just the way it gets styled that sways everyone into believing it’s another unique trend. This summer, I think everybody is gonna start wearing belts over their dresses, bringing back a kind of 2000s old vibe. This summer is a dressy summer, not as much skirts.” As VOGUE magazine additionally stated in their 2024 Summer Trends article, the come back of the flowy white dress with the new accessory combinations “evoke that same easy, breezy sensation in a more modern form” (Abbas et al., 3). The best thing about a simple white dress is the diversity in which it can be styled. Anybody can wear it and make it their own, which is why timeless and classic pieces are so important to invest in. Seeing this simple fashion choice renew itself yearly truly shows the mass of micro-trends who’s boss! 


On the opposing side of the white dress bandwagon, some are saying that we will see an increase of warmer, vibrant color palettes in comparison to its simplistic, cooler opposite palette. Ironically aligning with the warm superheat of the summer season. Another Seminole High School junior, Olivia Louisius, says, “I’ve been seeing a lot more floral or natural patterns recently. I definitely think warmer colors are gonna be more popular, not as much black and white and more vibrancy. Also, the “tiktok tankini trend” is a big no. Tankinis are NOT coming back!” Definitely in agreement with Olivia there; everyone is simply trying to dig up the fashion trends we haven’t touched in years to renew their styles or seem different since we have so quickly tarnished the gateway for any real, new trends— likely as a result of micro-trends rapidly picking up over the years and fast fashion overtaking the fashion industry. Another sad but similar case to some failed “blast from the past” pieces are capris. Capris are definitely, one-hundred percent, absolutely NOT in for the summer. It’s just another desperate plea for something new in the sad and barren world of modern fashion. Of course the support for the 2010s comeback is strong, but some things are stuck in the past for a reason, and we need to keep it that way. 


All in all, fashion from the past is most definitely making a comeback. Whether it be renowned staple pieces changing every year, or dug up fashion trash and treasures that people are trying to renew. What needs to be focused on as a whole is prioritizing worthy wardrobe items and pushing micro-trends away. Investing in good clothes and even accessories that can be reworn and restyled limitlessly is worth more than running through a cheap, passively stylish closet that is only harming the fashion industry. 


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