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Laura Guske
The New 2024 Lacrosse season is about to start!

Dating back centuries, Lacrosse roots in Native American Culture. Now, fusioned into a quick paced sport with strategic thinking and athleticism. With the demand for deliberate thought, agility, precision and many more skills, people are starting to dedicate their time to this activity. Though it is still unknown to many people, the sport is growing by the day, seeing as Lacrosse recently got added back into the 2028 Olympics.


With a stick and a ball, many enthusiastic teens have grown a liking to this sport. Taking place on a field divided into 2 sides, one offensive and defensive for each team, the purpose of the game is simple: get the ball into the net. Though achieving that purpose might be difficult, that is the simple summary. The huge field requires the player to navigate their way around to get to the other side through dodging, passing, and cradling their way around. On top of that, Lacrosse is the quickest sport on two feet, highlighting the agility necessary to keep up with this quick paced game.


The High School Lacrosse season starts during spring, and the time and dedication the athletes put into the sport beforehand really start to pay off. Many high schoolers are really excited as there are only a few more months before they get the chance to showcase their skills and have fun out on the field. Although people can play this sport for pure entertainment,  With the competitiveness and rougher playstyle required compared to other sports, Lacrosse isnt set out for everyone. Although the athletes that do master their fundamentals and achieve this playstyle get a chance to play at a higher level.

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