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Fashion Week is either an exciting or dreadful time for the users of the World Wide Web. It is a highly prestigious event, taking place in a different location yearly. This year, it was Milan, Italy. Fashion week is an monumentally packed, inside peek into the future of fashion. Surrounded heavily around Italian luxury, the aspects of Fashion Week this year features a variety of eras and times, incorporating vintage-esque, revised elements of design mixed with futuristic, contemporary aspects to create a newfound amalgam of modern fashion. Milan hosts the world renowned Fashion Week for 2024, opening the doors for new stylish ideas and redefining the modern definition of what it means to be “fashionable.” Sustainable fashion, inclusivity, and diverse models and style are all iconic highlights displayed throughout Fashion Week. Designers have been increasing in the unique choices made in fashion and style as a whole. 


Sustainable fashion has grown in awareness and appreciation by designers. With ethical production methods and zero-waste ideals growing more and more popular with the people by the year, sustainable fashion has grown from trend to necessity in the eyes of couture. Mattieu Blazy, the recently appointed creative director of Bottega Veneta, a large Italian luxury brand, has a lot to say about the choices made this Fashion Week 2024. According to a quote from the VOGUE Milan Fashion Week Report, Blazy says his goal this year was to “make a monument of the everyday.” The idea of using items that are recognizable in people’s daily life and/or fashion not only makes it attractive to the average person, but shows how even the simple, even random things can be appreciated and (so we hope) styled correctly! Blazy elaborates on the contrast of bringing past aspects into the industry along with including inspiration for the future of fashion. Blazy explains his thought process surrounding the designs and how “the “memory” prints that were made from layer-upon-layer of passport stamps and the “future” prints lifted from blank pieces of loose-leaf and graph paper” adds the slightest touch of aged contrast while still maintaining a caliber of novelty (Phelps 1). 


Alongside the large and necessary trend of eco-friendly fashion, the increasing levels of inclusivity in the fashion industry are beginning to shine through and break the “model” norms. Designers this whole past season have been including more silhouette variety, and it is only spreading farther. With the models and clothes themselves being all shapes and sizes, it has allowed the fashion industry to transcend once again. Aspects like bold makeup, fabric mixing, and extravagant colors have all added to the unique and maximalist approach we see coming to trend in the world of couture. The big and bold statements have been seen prevalently, like Versace with the bold, smoky, punk-esque makeup or the more laissez-faire look from Gucci with some relaxed, slick-back hair. Love to see all of the out of the box takes from the big brands! 


Fashion week this 2024 year has been a nest of new design, featuring all different types of extraordinary style moments, beautiful models, and creative concepts. Some may say it was too much or too little, but there is no arguing that fashion is a malleable outlet for creativity that anybody can speak on or partake in. Fashion has no true limits. That’s the real fun in it. There is no fact, it is all a stylish game of opinion and taste, constantly trying to seek out who has “the knack” or “the eye” for it. The real answer is, no one will ever be the one. Embracing the unique is the premise of fashion itself, and it is emphasized especially this 2024. 

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