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Peony Katira
Producers are remaking and continuing films such as Wonka

Film companies often build onto a series by producing more movies. In addition to adding films, production teams have been remaking popular flicks. It started off with Disney films and then it blended  into other genres. The industry repeatedly piggybacks and remakes films,\in new tactics   for  film-making. 

An anonymous SHS student claims, “movies are something that everyone enjoys. Movies are the types of things that students can do alone or with their friends. They are also a great hangout activity. They are easy, fun, and renting a movie is not that costly.”

There are multiple reasons why production teams are remade fromexisting films, here are a few example to why this is:

  1. It is difficult to come up with new ideas. Movies have been a thing for over a hundred years. After a considerable amount of time it can be  hard to create fresh ideas. Since every single storyline has probably been used. 
  2. It costs less money. It is  less expensive to recreate films than to think of new ideas. Since characters have previously been generated, there is a new need to hire people to come up with new characters or a new story.  
  3. Production teams can build off of existing fans. When a film has already been done there are already fans willing to keep following along with the story. When fans are invested in a series they will make sure to always keep up to date with it. 
  4. It poses a new vision of the original story. Once a movie comes out, there is no editing. Directors may want to add to the story or different directors may have a separate perception all together. They may add new characters, or alter parts of the story. 

Many students do not like the idea of remaking movies because it feels repetitive. Campbell Arnold, a sophomore at SHS states, “I just feel like it gets so boring watching different movies with an identical plot. I wish production teams would come up with new ideas and would stop duplicating them. It takes away from the excitement of going to the theater and watching a ‘new’ film.”

Production teams have come up with movies for decades. Many films have shaped modern media and how we view society as a whole. Most students that were interviewed did not particularly like this idea, the students specifically said that this new movie/series making plan was just “super lazy writing.” As a result, this turns a lot of possible viewers off. 

On the other hand, many students love the idea of reimagined plotlines. Larry Simmons, (SHS Senior) states, “it adds a new kind of magic to the story. The differing interpretations make the movies worth watching, because it is a different film altogether and putting more into the story contributes a lot. I really like seeing what else producers decide to add to the movie or series. I do not like the idea of the story ending. When the story continues, I continue to be interested.“ 

Students differ on this opinion. There is a difference of opinion whether or not production teams or making a smart choice. Production teams try to please their audience, but they also try to save as much time as possible. Even the students that like the idea, know that more than ever existing ideas or being built upon.

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