Since the beginning of time males have always been the superior gender and they always will be.

Carmen, Advice Columnist

The following article was published as a part of The Seminole’s 2014 April Fool’s issue! The information, quotations, and other content is completely fictitious and should not be considered a true representation of the school, the administration, or other governing entities.

I’ve been contemplating life lately. Existential crisis, all that fun stuff. What is the point of life? Especially as a girl. I mean, society stresses the idea that girls should look nice, have a great personality, cook, be in the professional workforce, and about a million other things. We basically have to be like unicorns: awesome in every way.

But what if, as girls, we’re just making life more difficult than it needs to be? I know girls tend to be critical of how simplistic boys are in what interests them: sports, working out, and music. And possibly Megan Fox.

Those jokes about boys are funny. As una mujer, I’ll admit that, okay? But here’s the thing: boys may have it all right. Wait, wait, before you drop your jaw or whatever you’re holding, hear me out on this one. Girls are the ones who tend to be more unsatisfied with their appearance, less confident, and more self-conscious. Boys (with obvious exceptions) are the ones who care less about how society dictates the way they should live.

But this kind of begs for an evaluation for the way girls live their lives. Maybe we’re just overthinking the issue. Maybe boys aren’t flawed. Maybe we are. Isn’t that more plausible? It would explain the greater criticism boys face for their natural tendencies as opposed to how much criticism girls get.

Girls stress about their appearance, reputation, basically everything. Boys, not so much. As girls, we can take some lessons from boys. They may be right about how to live life.