Despite Micheal Jordan owning more rings than LeBron James, James's performance is viewed as better than Jordan's.

Jose Colon, Reporter

One of the most talked-about topics in sports is the debate over the title of the greatest player of all time in the game of basketball. The two players most often brought up in this debate are Michael Jordan and LeBron James, but there is no doubt that the “The King” (James) is the better of the two.

When it comes to performance, both athletes are incredible at what they do, but when it comes to all-around style of play, the physicality of LeBron James is superior to that of Micheal Jordan. Back before the 2003 NBA Draft, James measured at 6’7¼”, while Jordan is only at 6’4¾”. The height advantage alone gives James a tremendous advantage.

Senior John Posacco said, “While LeBron has only won two rings so far, this year he’s a pretty good contender to win another ring, which is one closer to surpassing Michael Jordan.”

After the physicality of both men comes how well they have performed over the course of their careers. While Lebron hasn’t played as many seasons as Micheal Jordan has, he has yet to reach the end of his days in the NBA. Over the course of his thirteen-season career Jordan averaged a 56.9% true shooting percentage. When he first started in the NBA his percentage was well above 60.0%, but throughout his career it steadily decreased.

On the other hand, LeBron’s true shooting percentage started off around 55.0% and only a few years later has been around 60.0%. His average in his career is 58.1%, which can only be projected to increase.

Junior Brandon Chin commented,”The type of body [James] has is made for playing in the NFL, which makes him a really good contributor in the NBA—he’s quick, agile, and can score.”

Some prefer to argue that the number of championships won determines the greatness of a player. While Micheal Jordan does have 6 rings, Lebron James is well on his way towards his 3rd ring in three years. If he’s successful, the time it will have taken for LeBron to pull off the threepeat will be less than it took Jordan to do the same.

While it’s clear that LeBron is the better of the two, there is still a long time before James’ career is over, which will just further support how he is the greatest player of all time.