Celia Bonett

Food markets have the freshest, most organic fruits one can buy!

Natalie Lambert, Staff Reporter

Farmer markets are considered the go-to place for fresh produce, food, and baked goods. Farmers or food businesses can sell their products directly to consumers without the go between of super markets. Normally, this means the food is not commercialized and is less chemically produced than other packages foods. This is why farmers markets are generally referred to as green markets.

“It’s local food and you get to support the local economy, and big chain grocery stores will get business anyway, where as local farmers might not,” said sophomore Ciara Booher on farmers markets.

Farmers markets are growing in popularity for many reasons. One, food sold at farmers markets can be unusual and not typically sold at the everyday Wal-Mart. Also, the food is usually sold fresh unlike the older preserved foods of the chain stores. Lastly, due to some of the foods more organic backgrounds, the food can be healthier and we’ve to better alternatives of store bought food.

This has caused the sudden growth of farmers markets. Most cities now contain a market that takes place one say every week. These are held to gain money, gain customers, sell food, and develop the important customer-producer relationship.

As of now, cities such as Winter Park, Sanford, and Lake Mary, contain farmers markets of their own.

The Sanford market is located in downtown Sanford, and occurs every Saturday. Set in the historic town, musicians play lively tunes as the market runs its course. Regulars at the market include Morris’s Market with fresh produce, Che Bella with fresh cheeses, and Flowers Galore.

“”I think it’s really cute,” said sophomore Miranda Cruz on the Sanford market. “Everything was really fresh and I liked their kettle corn. I like that it’s in downtown Sanford, it has a very nostalgic feel.”

The Lake Mary market also takes place on Saturdays. It is held at Lake Mary’s City Hall until 1:30. The market contains fresh produce, kettle corn, and various jam and preserve ingredients. Typical vendors that attend are Juice Plus and Bob’s Hotdogs.

On the Lake Mary market, senior T.J Castelow said, “I think that it’s cool because it’s a chance to get natural foods. I guess you feel healthy and you get to meet cool new people.”

Winter Parks’ farmer market takes place every Saturday. Held at the old train depot it also uses the small lot next to the depot to contain vendors. The selection is wide containing breads, cheeses, bagels, flowers, produce, baked goods, and coffee. The area is a popular spot for tourists and people who live in Winter Park.

Farmers markets are a great experience for those who normally go for the grocery store option. These markets are sure changes in the ways of eating and are definitely worth trying.