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As the Sunrail continues to be a success, students can anticipate the Sunrail’s upcoming weekend hours.
Filmed and Edited By: Aida Lashinsky, Videographer
Voice-over By: Killian Johnson, Business Manager

By: Killian Johnson, Business Manager

The SunRail is a local train that the people of Central Florida ride to get from place to place without the hassle of traffic and bad drivers. The SunRail is very inexpensive, one round-trip ticket costs only $3.75.

Shortly after the SunRail was built, it became popular for students to ride this train to a variety of places with their friends. This train is an easy way for students in school to get anywhere from Lake Mary to Winter Park, without needing a car or driver’s license, allowing for an easy transportation method.

Sophomore Sierra Giramma says, “I think [the SunRail] is a pretty good idea because you can just kind of get on and go wherever. You don’t have to really worry about traffic or anything like you would with a car. I’ve heard some things about crashes, but that is the only real problems they had.”

Building this train has helped Florida’s economy significantly in a little under a year. More than 8,000 jobs were created due to the Sunrail, and 245,000 more will be created in the next 30 years. The jobs created will be in use for expansion of the SunRail.

Senior Alexander Gorman says, “The SunRail was pretty cool. Definitely more effective than driving because it saves time and money. I like using it to go to Winter Park because it’s easier than trying to find a parking spot and dealing with traffic.”

The SunRail is currently only operating during the week, but will soon be expanding its running time. This means instead of stopping all trains at 8 p.m, they will start running as late as midnight. At the moment, the trains start running as early as 7 a.m and stop running as late as 8 p.m. There will occasionally be special train schedules that run during certain weekends, but there are currently no scheduled days that this will be happening.

A worker from Sunrail says “sometime between March and April they’re going to open up on the weekends. Also, the [overnight schedule] is working pretty well, so we’ll keep that for another year at least.”

Currently the SunRail has 12 stations where riders can get on or off the train. These stations include Debary, Sanford, Lake Mary, Longwood, Altamonte, Maitland, Winter Park, Florida Hospital, Lynx Central, Church Street, AmTrak, and Sand Lake Road.

SunRail’s official website has a schedule with information on how to get to these stations, departure and arrival times and prices for train use.

Excluding major holidays, the SunRail will be available for anybody to use. If parking, driving, or even gas money becomes a hassle, the SunRail is great option for means of transportation.

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