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Hola, chicos y chicas! Carmen, the love doctor on coffee, is back! Last year, I gave you guys advice on how to go about Valentine’s Day. That was more for the (un)fortunate souls with a Valentine. Now, this advice is for all you single people who are moping about not having a Valentine.

There are different types of self-pitying single people. Some of you are trying to play it all cool like a swag monster, saying things like “Bruh, I don’t care, Valentine’s Day is overrated anyway. I totally have a million other things I can do with the money I won’t be spending.” Some of you are passing it all off as a joke, tweeting about how you don’t have one Valentine this year—you have two, Ben and Jerry. Others of you are a lot more honest about your self-pity. You’re all over every social networking site, spamming tweets, posts, and statuses that unfortunately include the phrase “forever alone.”

Firstly, AHEM, AHEM, PICK YOSELF UP, CHILD. Get your hurr done did. Retire those sweats. No, this isn’t to land yourself a last-minute rebound Valentine. Look good for yourself and celebrate your singleness this year. And the first step to that is having a really strong hair, outfit, and eyebrow game (if you’re a guy, please shower and retire the Axe for something more manly). Trust me, nothing can go wrong when you have great eyebrows (or hair, or outfit, or cologne).

YOU IS SINGLE, AMIGO! Celebrate it! See, now, you can go to Publix (go to the Lake Mary one because the bakery people are always nice and give you a cookie even though you’re probably too old), and you can buy some chocolate without wondering if the person you’re buying it for is going to like it because YOU’RE BUYING IT FOR YOURSELF. Treat yourself to lunch, chocolates, flowers, a present, because why the heck not? If there’s a snapback or a dress you’ve been eying for a while, buy it, wear it, rock it, and have such a good time that people with Valentines wanna hang out with your dreamboat self.

In all seriousness, though, get your single self together and cut the self-pity—on social networking and in your personal life. There are benefits to being single and there are benefits to being in a relationship. Just enjoy the side of the coin you’re stuck with now.

Chances are, the couple you’re envying this year will have broken up in a few months.