Over the summer, students continue to absorb knowledge and learn new things.

Camila Mota, Copy Editor

The first thoughts that come to mind when one thinks of summer are the obvious; beach, sun, and no school. Yet for the summer of 2014, it’s all about preparing for your educational future. Engineering courses, SAT and ACT preparation, and hands-on research studies will be offered for students at Seminole High at various locations.

This summer at the Heathrow campus of Seminole State College, the college will be hosting its second annual National Science Foundation Program. The focus of this program is primarily on engineering and fundamental skills necessary to engineering. All SCPS students are able to apply by filling out a form and returning it to their counselor.

Junior Swathi Konduri  said, “I heard about these programs through friends and through my tutor.”

For many rising juniors, anxiety begins to creep in as they begin to think of the SAT. Standardized test preparation courses such as the Master Scholars Test Prep and the Robie Learning Center are outlets to minimize the stress.

The summer SAT preparation course offered by the Master Scholars is a mix of online teaching and classroom teaching. The program also offers a series of videos in order to provide efficient techniques.

An anonymous freshman said, “A successful education means a lot to me. If there’s anything that can help, I’ll take it.”

At the Robie Learning Center, there are introductory courses for the SAT and ACT supplement courses as well. All the courses offered at the center will be from the end of June to the start of July.

Sophomore Elizabeth Bellerson said, “[These programs] keep your brain thinking over the summer and don’t allow you to become lazy.”

An additional program that will be offered this summer is the University of Florida’s Student Science Training Program. The seven week on-campus course allows students to take part in hands-on activities and attend lectures on medicine and science topics.

The various programs that will be offered this summer have one thing in common: to encourage students to develop self-sufficient careers. Although the majority of the programs do assign homework, in the long run these programs are a huge contribution to a student’s academic career.