While anticipating Fashion Week, students strut modern fashion apparel.
Photo By: Isabella Rivera, Photographer

By: Katelyn Liston, Reporter

Twice every year, Fashion Week is held in major cities around the world to showcase new designs for the coming season. Hundreds of people will pay up to $1595 per show to attend the event.

In September, Fashion Week displayed designs for the upcoming spring/summer months, while in February it will display the trends for the coming fall/winter.

The first Fashion Week in America was in New York in 1943. Originally, the event showed 11 designers’ works and only 53 reporters attended. Today, hundreds of reporters, celebrities, and others, who are generally interested in fashion flock to the shows to see hundreds of designers showcase their newest designs.

President of Seminole’s Fashion Club, junior Jamira Perkins, says, “Fashion Week is about designers able to showcase their designs for the upcoming seasons. I am not [able to attend Fashion Week], but I really wish I could attend some because I know there are events in Orlando.”

The most recent fashion week—the 2014 fall show—exhibited well known designers such as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Reed Krakoff. Most of the designs featured block patterns, shapes, and layers. There are many predictions for this year’s fall/winter collection such as the use of purples, blues, indigos, and contrasting colors in clothing.

Seminole’s fashion club advisor, Ms. Cynthia Brooks, says, “There’s [shows] in Miami, New York, and California. We’ll watch the shows and get copies of them. [Different styles are] coming back and it’s always fun to see.”

Since designers aren’t protected with any copyright laws, knock-offs of their pieces are typical. This means that most of what is displayed at Fashion Week will be produced by small companies and be on the markets for those who can’t afford or are not willing to buy from top designers within months.

“I absolutely love Fashion week. I can’t wait to see what they have in store. You will definitely see me sporting some of those fashionable trends,” says sophomore Brendan Moran.

Fashion Week Fall/Winter Show 2015 will be from February 12 through 19. The following are websites that provide a live feed of fashion week:

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