Erin King

A new club, the Film Critics Guild, is arriving at Seminole.

Sameeha Rashid, Reporter

The Film Critics Guild is a new club at Seminole High School, and it will have its first official meeting on Jan. 7, 2016 in Health Academy 215. Meetings will be held every Thursday. This group wants to provide an environment where students can voice their thoughts and opinions in engaging discussions and debates about films.

The goal of the Film Critics Guild is to let students discuss media, specifically movies, and attain a deeper understanding of them as well as look at the world from different perspectives. The club is open to all SHS students who engage in analyses that exceed ones held in the classroom.

Sophomore and President Isabel Adamus says, “The Film Critics Guild is like a book club but with movies. It may sound like a waste of time to just watch movies, but it’s the complete opposite. Instead of being mindless zombies and just letting the art of movies surpass the chance of getting to be eaten up and processed by our brains, we will be thinking critically and applying what we learn in the classroom to real world scenarios.”

The first meeting will be to discuss the setup of the club and the plan for the semester. There will also be a survey to figure out which genres and types of movies the members are most interested in. Throughout the year, the members of the club will create an ongoing list of movies they wish to watch. Discussion questions and debate topics will be discussed by the group as well as the officers and sponsor.

“I am sponsoring this club to get more involved with Seminole and to learn more about the student population. Besides, who can resist popcorn, movies, and debating?” comments sponsor Theran Goodale.

Isabel also says, “I created this club because I love to watch movies.  I’m not a person who has seen every movie out there but there will definitely be members who hopefully join that will have way more knowledge than me. So, if you don’t watch a lot of movies but like them or think this club is even remotely interesting, show up at our informational meeting. You don’t have to be a movie expert or connoisseur to be in this club.”

Sophomore Ghessah Afshari says, “I joined because it seems like a fun club. It’s a good way to end the day and take a break from school and relax while still learning and understanding the material.”

The Film Critics Guild promises to provide students with a different perspective on media. Attending this club will improve students’ ability to examine movies to a higher level and argue their sides on controversial topics.