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The spookiest holiday of the year is here, but what to wear for it? All over the U.S., costume stores are opening up for the big holiday, and for those who are pondering what to pick, there are plenty of ideas that break Halloween stereotypes.

“I feel like Halloween costumes have lost their creativity, Instead of being unique or homemade you can buy them at the store and that takes the fun out of it. You can’t use your imagination,” said junior Ashlei Howard.

The right costume depends on the theme it should represent: spooky, cute, quirky, or even a costume for couples. However, don’t aim for the obvious choices such as a zombie or a princess.  Instead pick original and unique costumes that will impress everyone.

“I think creativity is really important because it shows you can be creative, an individual, and let your mind flow,” said senior William Kersey.

For all the girls out there looking for something cute to wear for Halloween, look no further. Think out of the box for an adorable costume. Great ideas would be a diner fifties girl or even Little Red Riding Hood. To add something extra to the costume, think of accessories that will enhance the feminine side of whatever is picked, like a girly necklace or a wig.

Quirky costumes are some of the easiest to think of, and the most fun to make. Anything from a high school nerd to a beloved superhero is fair game. Quirky costumes are different because anything lying around the house can be used to create a funny costume that no one else will have. For costumes like this, just use humor and creativity to think of an everyday object or person to become.

Scary costumes for Halloween are widely utilized and can become overdone when people dress as the same thing every year. Toss out the stereotypical witch and vampire guise, and try  instead for creepier things that are sure to scare others. Porcelain dolls, complete with wide staring eyes and cracks along the face, are an upgrade from Chucky and great for girls; a killer scarecrow, adorned with a lot of fake blood and straw, would be perfect for a guy.

As for couple costumes, the choices are endless. Frankenstein and his bride for a spooky couple, peanut butter and jelly for a cute couple, and Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo for a quirky couple are all possibilities.

Costumes are one of the best parts of Halloween, where people can become anyone they are not. Instead of picking the most obvious and cliché outfit for Halloween, go creative this year and have fun with picking an outfit that is just right.

In regards to Halloween costumes, an anonymous sophomore said, “Making yourself look a lot different then you usually do and being something you normally aren’t; it’s like the best part of Halloween.”