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This year Halloween Horror Nights is bringing fresh scares to guests with its new living dead theme.  Specializing in bringing new screams to the park, Halloween Horror Nights has outdone themselves by collaborating with AMC’s The Walking Dead, famous rock star Alice Cooper, magicians Penn and Teller, and the creators of the video game Silent Hill.

Regarding what he is looking forward to this year, sophomore Kenneth Lee said, “The Walking Dead and everything.  Just my friends getting scared like crazy.”

Starting September 21, Halloween Horror Nights will make its grand opening, and the event will continue for 25 separate days at Universal Studios.  The event will feature seven completely new haunted houses, and street scares.

This year, the minds behind HHN are pushing the boundaries of their scare factors.  Instead of constricting scare zones to certain spots in the park, characters will be allowed to roam freely and scare at will.  The street scares will contain undead creatures such as vampires, ghouls, ghosts, and beasts.

“This year’s theme will be very successful.  Instead of making areas of the park scare zones, the whole park is scare zone,” said sophomore Rainy Adair about the new Halloween Horror Nights scare tactic.

One of the spotlight houses will be AMC’s The Walking Dead (inspired by the television show and using zombies and undead monsters to frighten guests).  The Silent Hill house, based off of the actual video game, will be using familiar settings and characters to bring the game to life in a chilling rendition of Silent Hill’s twisted world.

Also featured is Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare,” a house based on the famous rock star’s creepy imagination and career.   Penn & Teller, comical magicians, are also contributing a house in 3-D that will depict a radioactive Las Vegas overrun with bloody showgirls.

Halloween Horror Nights will host two shows that will play throughout the night.  Bill and Teds Excellent Halloween Adventure will poke fun at pop culture in their comedic show, while 20 Penny Circus will blend magic with odd humor.

Certain selected rides at Universal will be open every night.  The Mummy, Rip Ride Rocket, Men in Black: Alien Attack, and the Simpsons Ride will be open to ride for HHN attendees.  Fast passes will work on the rides as usual, along with the other houses.

The general admission or regular price to get in is $88.99.   Upon purchasing a drink at Burger King or obtaining a Coke or Sprite product, a HHN coupon will be included that lowers the price.  With the coupons, prices vary depending on the night guests go.

“You get scared,” said junior Ellahaundra Reyes about Halloween Horror Nights.  “I get really scared, and it’s fun.  I like getting scared.”