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Abra Stalker

Seminole just pulled off a stunning 20-13 victory against Rockledge High School. Despite the heavy downpour before the game, they’re now gearing up to take on their next opponent, the Osceola Kowboys. Interestingly, these two teams faced each other last year, with Seminole narrowly clinching the win with a score of 28-27.


As the game progresses, both teams need help to gain an advantage. The Seminole offense is looking sharp, with their quarterback (QB) Karson Siqueiros-Lasky making accurate passes and their running backs finding gaps in the Osceola defense. However, the Osceola defense is putting up a tough fight, not allowing the Seminole offense to score any points yet. Meanwhile, the Osceola offense is trying hard to find a way through the Seminole defense, but the latter is equally strong in their defense, making it difficult for the former to make any significant gains. Seminole finds some motivation, and Chasen Johnson takes it to the house for a touchdown to make it 7-0. The Kowboys with the ball, and Seminole stops them at every play for a forced punt. Karson starts throwing shots down the field to the red zone. The ball is handed off to Tray Clark, who runs it in for another Noles touchdown. Osceola is having trouble on offense, and they are going to need a significant turnaround if they want to have any chance. The Kowboys QB Camren West throws a perfect throw to the defense, and Seminole now has possession. On 2nd down, Karson airs it out to Michael Key for a massive 50-yard touchdown.


Halftime starts as Cheer takes the field with their show. After Cheer is done with their performance, the Dazzlers take the field with the Millennium Middle School Dazzlers for a fantastic performance. The Pride of the Tribe takes the field for their halftime show that includes the show Fantasmic and the middle schoolers from various schools join to play Land of 1000 Dances.


The tension rises as it gets closer to the 3rd quarter starting. The Kowboys get fired up and use the 21-point deficit as fuel for the rest of the game. With the ball, Osceola couldn’t do anything on 1st down, but on 2nd down, Camren snapped the ball, and Zion Matthews ran through the middle of Seminoles defense for a 45-yard rushing touchdown. The Kowboys score their first touchdown of the night to make it 21-6. 


Seminole makes it downfield, but they couldn’t score a touchdown, so William Allen scored a field goal to extend Seminoles lead on Osceola. The Noles defense once again denied the Kowboys offense, making them have another forced punt. The Noles are having a fantastic night on defense and offense. Adding to the score, Karson throws a difficult pass to Marvin Brown, and he breaks off two tackles to run it in for a touchdown, making the score 31-6. 


The game ends, and Seminole has won their third game in a row. Seminoles next opponent is the Treasure Coast Titans. The Titans just won against the Jesuit Tigers 67-28, so this will be a challenging game against Seminole. The win against Osceola was significant for Seminole, as it showed their determination and resilience. Despite the tough conditions and the strong opposition, they managed to come out on top. The team’s quarterback, Karson Siqueiros-Lasky, played a crucial role in the victory, making accurate passes and leading the team on offense. His performance earned him the Player of the Game award.


Overall, Seminole’s win against Osceola was a significant achievement for the team. They showed their determination, teamwork, and resilience, and proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. The team will look to continue their winning streak and build on their success in the upcoming game against the Titans.

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