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Lana del Rey is a VMA winner, Grammy nominee, singer, songwriter. She has released 10 albums, her most recent one being “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.” She has collaborated with many popular artists such as Taylor Swift and The Weekend. She is quite popular herself, drawing in millions of monthly listeners and placing in the Billboard Top 100’s on multiple occasions. She has a strong fanbase who have waited for her return to touring since 2019, and now she has returned.


While Lana del Rey spent this summer performing at music festivals, she will now be headlining her own tour for the fall! This tour is in honor of her most recently released album. She will perform 10 shows lasting only three weeks. This mini tour will start in Tennessee on September 14th and end in West Virginia on October 5th. Here in Florida, she will perform at West Palm Beach on September 23rd and Tampa on September 25th. 


Tickets for all shows went on sale August 25th at 10:00 a.m. on Ticketmaster. When on sale, ticket prices ranged from $50 to $300 depending on location and seating choice. All tickets were sold out in under 2 hours which left a lot of fans unhappy. People who had work during the time were unable to buy any. Health Academy Student Aida Ziegelbauer says: “I had to rely on my dad to buy tickets during the time, but he was unable to since he had a work meeting. When he was able to go to the website, the tickets were already sold out.” This wasn’t the only problem for purchasing tickets, bots also infested the website. Hundreds of fans had paid bots, before tickets went on sale, to purchase their tickets for them. Many fans found this unfair as they were stuck waiting in queues to purchase tickets, while bots went through faster. Buying resale tickets can be even worse with most tickets being double to triple the original price. Although there are many negative sides of ticket buying, the lucky people who were able to get their desired tickets are super stoked to see her live.


Now onto the concert itself, Lana will start in the late evening around 7-8 pm and the concert lasts about 90 minutes. This isn’t enough time for all her songs, so she has to be selective with which ones she chooses. Although there is no confirmed setlist, she is most likely to play some of her most popular songs such as “Summertime Sadness” and “Video Games.” She will definitely play songs featured in her new album as well, like “A&W” and/or “The Grants.” These songs are inferred based on what she has played at other concerts so far this year. Freshmen Marilu Cook expresses her eagerness: “I’m really excited to see her play Pretty When You Cry, I think that song will have a really good performance.” This song is another one of Lana’s hits that she plays at most concerts. Another exciting event for the concert is the style. Fans like to dress up for these events and wear accessories like heart shaped sunglasses or things Lana has been seen wearing. Lana’s style ranges but she usually wears white flowy dresses, floral patterns, or denim. For concert merch, Lana will be selling five shirt variations, a hoodie, a jacket, tote bags, hats, albums, and other little things. Shirts will be $45, hoodies are $80, the jacket is $200 and the other merchandise range from $25 – $45.Try not to overspend while browsing, even though it can be really tempting!


If you are attending her concerts, make sure to stay safe and sing your heart out! Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to, she is bound to go on more tours in the future.

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