Adrian De Guzman, Reporter

The Seminole newspaper staff wishes Ms. Lauber the best as she pursues her new opportunities with We’ll miss her dearly, and she’ll always hold a special part in the heart of our great publication.
Photo By: Erin King, Photographer

Disclaimer: the following article was written as a part of The Seminole’s 2015 April Fool’s issue. The content included is false, including interviews. Happy April Fool’s Day!

By: Adrian De Guzman, Reporter

SHS newspaper advisor, Ms. Natalie Lauber, will be leaving campus at the end of the school year for a specialized job with the popular social media site, Lauber’s new job will include training and improving the company’s novice reporters.

Lauber applied for the job opening after seeing an ad on Facebook, and as an open critic of BuzzFeed, she was eager for a chance to enhance the ‘newsworthiness’ of their content.

“I was excited for an opportunity with BuzzFeed. Bluntly speaking, BuzzFeed sucks. They post what people want to hear, happily posting their ‘fluff’ with a blatant disregard for all disciplines of journalism,” says Lauber. “I feel that I can really improve their content, teaching their new reporters the true ethics and relevancy that is required in making ‘quality’ journalism.”

It is already well known that Lauber is retiring from the position as newspaper advisor next year, but she refrained from announcing her new job until the specifics were finalized, and plans were official.

Lauber will still continue to teach at SHS for the remainder of this school year, working primarily online for BuzzFeed until she is able to make the move to the company’s headquarters in New York City. Not only is the cooler climate more appealing to Lauber, but the location is closer to her hometown in Ohio, so she can spend more valuable time with her family.

Freshman Jonathan Clay, a student in Lauber’s journalism class, says, “I’m sad that Ms. Lauber will be leaving this position. I was looking forward to seeing her next year as the newspaper advisor, but I’m happy that she is moving on to bigger and better things.”

Though there isn’t a large difference in salary between the two jobs, Lauber is still glad to make the move. The new job presents Lauber with a chance to improve the practice of ethics in journalism, removing stereotypes and unjustified claims.

Sarah Welch, junior and newspaper reporter, comments on Lauber’s new job opportunity. “I think it’s a good thing that [Lauber] is bringing her talents to a larger, more well-known publication. It will allow her to focus more on journalism instead of teaching students that will most likely not even continue in the field.” has experienced a growing popularity in recent years for their variety of public interest news, quizzes and videos. Articles such as “13 Obsolete Office Supplies We’ll Probably Never Know How to Use”, “Can You Guess What the Celebrity is Eating?”, and “14 Reasons Drake Is Way Hotter Than Chris Evans” are shared and re-shared across the web.

Lauber stood out among other applicants for leading Seminole High’s strong social media approach to journalism, as recent Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook management has drawn the attention of larger publications.

Ms. Lauber will be dearly missed by the SHS staff and community. However, she will be putting her skills to good use, improving the content of BuzzFeed writers.