Renee Sang

Students involved in Seminole High’s Leadership work hard each year to make a memorable Pinktober.

Maliha Kareem, Reporter

Each year Seminole’s Leadership plays a huge role behind the scenes for Pinktober. This serves as an acknowledgment and a way to spread awareness about breast cancer. Seminole High School is very involved in this month’s activities with pep rallies, decorations, and fund raisers. The effects can be seen throughout our school and community.

Senior and student body president Zach Debose notes, “Our main purpose is to understand that this is a disease and we need donations, we must  find a cure. We are bringing light to a disease through donations and trying to make it as big as we can. People learn more about it each year; last year when we put bras on the boys at the pep rally it was meant to symbolize that boys can get breast cancer too and we must make sure we are healthy and have routine check ups.”

Similar to last year, Leadership once again posted pink pinwheels around campus that show a variety of statistics relating to breast cancer, in hopes of gaining awareness among the student body. Students and staff were also able to fill out dedication cards dedicated to cancer survivors, and have them posted on campus.

Debose says, “We made our shirts this year black for a reason. We want people to wear the shirts all year round, not just for breast cancer awareness month. This is an ongoing cause that must not only be focused on in such a short time period.”

The Pinktober shirts sold out. Leadership receives no profit for this and for every shirt sold, $1.50 is donated to breast cancer research. Last year there was about $1,800 in donations. Other fundraisers for the cause are ‘Donate for Donuts’ and $1 wristbands that allow students to put a ‘Cap on Cancer’ by being able to wear a hat on October 22nd. All profits are donated.

“Seminole High School represents a community. We are big on family and so many teachers, students and faculty come back, which differs from many other schools. Many people want to support this cause- not only Seminole, but the Sanford community all come together,” says Janill Johnson.

Many are unaware of the lengths that Leadership goes to make a difference in the community. Toward the end of last year many of the students came together and built a over 100 care packages that were given to the cancer center at the Sanford Hospital. Inside were lotions, knitted socks, blankets, and antibacterial items.

Senior Camila Botto states, “Students can involve themselves for a cause by participating in the events during our Pinktober. ‘Join the Fight, Noles Unite’, week, a compilation of all of our proud ‘Noles’ efforts to promote and educate [about] breast cancer.”

“In general, there are so many kids here that are great Leadership candidates. Considering our number of 2,300, I would like to see it increase. There are a lot of opportunities. It’s not just a resume builder but really all about a sense of community, community service, and building school spirit,” Comments Johnsen.

Breast cancer is a serious disease that has affected the lives of many. For American women is it the most prevalent, having diagnosed on average about 200,000 women and caused more than 40,000 fatalities. Men have 2,350 cases yearly with about 440 fatalities. For more information, visit http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/ . Donations can be collected throughout the month of October through Leadership and year long via the National Breast Cancer Foundation.