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One of the best parts of Halloween for some people is watching scary movies. Some are spine-tingling while others are not so great. There are many great classics, and there are also more recent scary movies that are also favorites.

Freshman Amiyah Lytle said, “My favorite scary movie is The Conjuring because it’s relatively scary and I don’t get scared easily. I mean loud, noises and unnaturally bendy monsters would scare anyone.”

What would be a good concept for a horror film? Sophomore Eric Topolewski suggested, “A visit to grandmas’ house brings more than expected. An evil witch cooks all of grandmas’ children and grandchildren. Right before eating them, grandma comes unexpectedly and saves them with her magic holy water.”

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out which movie is worth watching, read the following reviews. Each review is scaled from one to five, one being the lowest score, and five being the highest score (the score will be in parenthesis after the title).

The Collection (4.5): This is a spin on a serial-killer movie. It is about a fun party turning into a giant death trap. Many people are tortured and die in painful ways. The killer only keeps people that would fit into his “collection”.

This movie was almost like Saw, except many people died at once, and the killer never spoke to them. It has gore and is truly unpredictable. The actors were very realistic and the setting was perfect. This movie is definitely worth watching. It did not get a five because more background information about the killer could have been included.

The Possession (4): This is an intense supernatural movie. It is about a girl who is possessed by an ancient demon. In the beginning she has minor changes but by the end the demon has full possession of her. Many of the people who try to help her perish throughout the movie.

This movie has suspense, and it is not just a cliché possession movie. It has its own twists and is easy to follow. The ending is well thought out and hints to the viewer that there might be a possible sequel. It did not receive a five because it could have been more frightening, but overall it is an excellent movie.

The Final (3.5): This is a movie about revenge and torture. It is about a group of high school students who are bullied and have a plan to permanently end their suffering. They manage to get all of the “popular” kids to a party where the bullies are drugged and tied up. Some are tortured and others were forced to witness the torture. In the end they made sure no one at the party would ever bully again.

This movie had some gore and was overall a good movie. Some parts were spot-on and others were unnecessary. The ways that the bullied kids tortured some of the popular kids were unexpected and very twisted. Some people might also like that the first thing the viewer sees is the end of the plot. Besides some gory parts, some people might not consider this very scary, but it is worth watching if you do not want something very frightening.

To make movies more realistic, sophomore Adriana Colon suggested, “ Scary-movie makers should add scarier props and music. They should come up with scarier stories, that have events that really happen and try to make scenes realistic.”

Have fun watching scary movies and embracing the Halloween spirit. There are great scary movies out; you just have to find the right one. Don’t be afraid to explore scary movies that you wouldn’t normally watch: there might be a diamond in the rough.