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Lily Yaus

So you are interested in learning about the Ukulele? Lucky for you the Ukulele is one of the easier instruments to play compared to the Guitar, and is not as intimidating as you think, as anyone can learn with a few steps and some practice. On Monday August 28th, at “The Seminole County Public Library,” located in Sanford Florida, the public library announced its free open night Ukulele session starting @5:30-7:30pm for all teens to join. Anyone interested in learning or enhancing their performance can attend, and is encouraged to bring their own ukulele.​​ 


The class is held in the Library’s meeting room, with an open room of chairs in designated rows facing the projector. The library was able to provide every attendee with their own ukulele to any student who doesn’t own one, or forgot to bring one. As teens entered the room and grabbed their ukuleles, everyone was seated and the class had begun. The instructor of the class, Vincent Cazzola, started by explaining the history behind the Ukulele Instruments, as he feels it’s important to learn about the background of this instrument. Before student’s started to play, Cazzola (the instructor of the class) recommended everyone be open minded, as some will not get the hang of it on the first try. Time was taken for students in the beginning of class to get a feel with their instrument. Everyone practiced strumming the strings, and getting a feel of their instrument. As the class began to learn, students were taught the correct ways of holding the ukulele, to a 90 degree angle with the non-dominant hand wrapped around the instrument close to the chest, allowing your dominant hand to play freely. The presentation Cazzola discussed was very informal and covered the basics of the instruments itself along with learning the chords of a ukulele. 


Rozhina Farahbasksh Novin, a Crooms student who attended the ukulele class, explains how she got into the class, and her view as a beginner. “I learned about the class from friends who suggested I join along with them.” My friends and I tried to get as many people together as possible to join, and a few friends attended. Rozhina  came to the class with the goal of learning how to play the basics of the instrument. “I learned a lot of new things. I came into the class not really knowing how to use it, but now I feel more aware of it all. Students like Rozhina, who was also attending the class started practicing the chords along with the other students. 


Students were then put to the test of their abilities to play the chords they’ve learned. By playing along with songs such as “Coconut” by Harry Nilsson, and other known artist/bands such The Beatles, and Fleetwood mac, as songs for the class to practice and follow along with the displayed chords for the chorus of selected songs. Students  watched Cazzola and displayed chords and lyrics provided on screen. Many students worked together to perfect their ability to play along each song.. 


Vincent Cazzola, the instructor of the Ukulele class, talks further about his experience of working together. “I started off doing guitar club, to bring people together, not so much of a class, but more of a Jam session.” This class was different for Cazzola as he explains, “This is for beginners who aren’t very familiar with the instrument.” Cazzola has taught adult ukulele classes previous to this class and continues to say “It inspired me to teach teens about the basics of the ukulele, I feel the teens who attended this class tonight were able to learn a few tricks and methods for total peak beginners I feel they did really good, you know you aren’t going to expect high results right away, but with practice it will come along. I feel like this class is a good primer for teens.” 


As the class concluded their lesson,  questions and tips were opened for discussion to students if needed. Overall, it was a great experience for students to come together and learn how to play the ukulele and learn its history together as a community. 

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