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Peony Katira
The “Barbie” movie has touched many hearts with a representation of women in society.

After finally coming to the big screen last month, the movie phenomenon known as “Barbie” has completely taken the world by storm. With having earned over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office, it can surely be said that those who were greatly anticipating the film were not disappointed. In fact, it might just be one of the greatest movie hits of the year. 


Starring Margot Robbie as stereotypical Barbie and Ryan Gosling as her Ken, the movie “Barbie” sets the scene for a pink, artificial world named Barbie Land. Various Barbies and Kens from different backgrounds, cultures and timelines all live in a harmonious sync of perfect morning routines, beach, and girl power. That is, until stereotypical Barbie is forced to journey to the real world (Los Angeles) with her (not) boyfriend Ken and is absolutely appalled at how different and flawed it is compared to her own world. 


While the movie itself is packed with hysterical dialogues and humorous references, “Barbie” actually contains several deep and emotional messages, as it shines light on many of the societal issues within our world.


Since everything in Barbie Land is run by women, Ryan Gosling’s Ken brings the issue of patriarchy into light by reversing society in his world to match the one in the real world. He feels under-appreciated after Barbie’s rejection because in his world, Ken means nothing without Barbie. However, with Barbie’s help, he goes on to realize that he is his own person, with or without Barbie. 


Many students at Seminole High School (SHS) find the movie especially inspiring. Amal Ahmed, a senior at SHS, says that she found the movie to be a little overhyped, but that it was fun to watch and she enjoyed it nonetheless. 


“I felt that the movie was a journey to self-discovery,” she explains. “Every character was along that journey in finding out who they really are and discovering that, at the end of the day, anyone can be anything and there’s no one to stop you.” 


Barbie” is especially powerful when it comes to themes of feminism and the struggles we face in society. As the climax of the film concludes and the Barbies take back their homes and dream houses, Barbie is left to question her own existence, as she holds no certain ending. From the start, she was under the impression that “Barbie” was inspiring young girls to be whoever they wanted. However, she was sorely mistaken as she learned of the societal pressures and norms brought up by her perfect appearance and lack of  painful complexity as a doll representing women. 


As Barbie’s character develops and she sees society for what it really is, she decides that she no longer wants to be Barbie. She decides to become a human in the real world where she can finally be free to embrace herself and express her own ideals.


“The message was real,” says junior student Serenity Tillmon, who also discussed her love for the movie. “I think it was an introduction to feminism for a lot of young girls. My favorite part [of the movie] was the montage of home videos of different women and girls.” 


Other students seem to agree with this inspiring statement as well. When asked about the movie’s powerful message to girls, Junior Lexi Madison commented: “It made me feel a little sad, but proud to be a woman.” 


Everyone had been anticipating “Barbie” from the moment it was announced to be a major film. As a result, the movie brought many fans to tears, from both laughter and heartache alike. As it continues to become a major inspiration for those who are affected by society and its norms, we can safely say that “Barbie” will be remembered and watched over and over again for years to come. 

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    Harper WolfframMay 2, 2024 at 3:18 AM

    I think this interpretation is kind of shallow. it’s misleading to say that if you are a woman there is no one to stop you from being and doing what you want. Because as the film established that the patriarchy can and will stop women from doing these things. Women can do anything, but a feminist would never say that there is nothing in your way. I believe we need to acknowledge there is a problem in order to fix a problem.