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Abra Stalker

Tension soars as Seminole readies to face Rockledge, fresh from their triumph against Edgewater. Rockledge’s 9-3 record last season, marked by a disappointing playoff loss to Mainland, intensifies their determination to dominate. However, pre-game tensions escalated, resulting in an unfortunate ejection of players. The spotlight falls on Karson Siqueiros-Lasky, the skilled and adaptable starting quarterback for the Seminoles. In the previous game, his impressive 75-yard run demonstrated his search for a championship title, adding to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the showdown. 


With Rockledge getting the first possession, they start going downfield quickly. The ball snaps and Jaylen Heyward runs it in for the first score of the game. Rockledge missed their extra point opportunity by a long shot thus resulting in a 0-6 deficit for the Noles. That touchdown added fuel to Seminoles players. Karson decided to throw a 20-yard laser to Michael Key. The time counts down as the Seminoles’ defense is locking up Rockledge and the buzzer goes for the end of the first quarter. Rockledge is going to need to score if they want to have any chance of winning. 


The second quarter starts, Seminole shuts down Rockledge’s offense as they try to score. Karson hands it off to Rodney Grant for a big yard gain. Seminole makes it down to the red zone and Karson throws a 5-yard touchdown pass to Justin Rosado Jr. to extend the lead by 7 points. With Rockledge having the ball, they make an effort to try to score but Seminole stomps on all of their plays. With the Noles having the ball, they couldn’t find any way to score on their end resulting in the ball getting turned over. Both teams are playing good defense against each other, the sirens go off to end the quarter to go into halftime. Halftime consisted of cheer dancing to various songs and the Pride of the Tribe playing their halftime show Fantasmic. As the crowd celebrates the performing arts that performed the football teams start getting ready for the second half. 


The third quarter begins, the defense for both teams but the offense starts cooking for Seminole. Rockledge had to punt the ball on 4th down, and as Justin Rosado caught the punt, the defense opened up a clear path for Justin to run through to score a 30-yard touchdown to give the Noles an even bigger lead 20-6. This ended the third quarter and the forth was about to start. 


As the last quarter starts, Rockledge had enough of the Seminoles’ dominance so they started to make better plays down the field until Jaelyn Bradley ran it in for a touchdown making the score 20-13. The defense for Rockledge stopped Seminoles drive to extend their lend. Rockledges Defense consisted of their top players Jaylen Heyward, Dj Mccormick, and Isreal Montanez. Seminole punts the ball far back to help set up so they do not score. Seminole started to push the offense back into their own goal giving the Seminoles a two point safety to add to their bag of points. Rockledge has one more chance to do something because there is only one minute left of the game. Quarterback Traven Green tries to find the open men in the corners to stop the clock. There are twelve seconds left and they are close to scoring. Traven throws the ball to the endzone and nobody catches it. The crowd exploded after Seminole won their second game in a row and are looking to raise it higher. Next up Seminole will be playing the Osceola Kowboys. Let’s hope we take this motion forward for all of the games! 

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