Senior Graduation Plans: 2021


The time for the class of 2021 to depart is approaching. Though many senior events have been cancelled due to Covid-19, arrangements to say our goodbyes are in production. The graduation ceremony is expected to take place at UCF’s Football Stadium.

Christina Davenport, Reporter

Undoubtedly,  the graduating classes of both 2020 and 2021 have truly had a freakshow of a “high school experience” due to the effects of the pandemic. Students have missed out on lifelong dreams of celebrating prom, enjoying football games, and even having a fun senior year. However, the thing that sets the class of 2021 from the rest of the upcoming classes is the graduation ceremony. Constant modifications to rules regarding the public event have been announced and addressed through email to both students and parents. 

The Graduation ceremony is set to take place on May 26, 2021, at 9:00 am at UCF’s Football Stadium, affectionately referred to as the Bounce House. An email was released stating that each student may bring up to 10 guests,  surprising considering all of the occupancy rules that were set in place after COVID-19’s first strike. Seniors were also given permission to design their graduation caps in an appropriate fashion which surely sparked interest in some students. Seminole High School student Anna Durfey, has had some ideas ever since she heard about the new rule.

“I honestly think this gives students a good opportunity to do whatever they’d like to express themselves. You have the choice of staying traditional or switching it up which definitely made me a little more interested in the concept.”, said Durfey.

Dr. Jordan Rodriguez, our esteemed principal, has also released more information about a supposed “backup” plan in case of strange weather in another formal email.

“I previously shared that as a backup plan (in case of inclement weather), we would have seniors select individual time slots for a ceremony in our Main Campus Auditorium. We are no longer moving forward with that backup plan,” said Dr. Rodriguez.

Besides graduation, Dr. Rodriguez has been planning a Grad Bash trip to Universal Studios to give seniors one last memory of high school. The trip is set to take place on April 23 and tickets are sold at $120. You can purchase your tickets through MySchoolBucks and the ticket deadline is April 16. The school has also begun to provide “package plans” for seniors for upcoming Graduation, Grad Bash, and Prom.

“The only package that is required for a student to participate in the Graduation Ceremony is the basic package for $100 called the “Cap, Gown, and Tassel” package shown on the brochure. This fee will increase to $120 on February 1, so act fast, don’t delay! This base package includes your cap, gown, tassel, and all graduation-related expenses (Arena Rental, Diploma, Senior Week Activities, etc.)  This fee does not include the Homecoming Dance, Prom, or Grad Bash at Universal.”

Future information will be released regarding student arrival times to the graduation ceremony. Dr. Rodriguez has made clear that the current graduation fee remains at $120 which includes cap, gown, tassel & graduation fee. The Graduation Clearance Day will fall on May 25 and is a mandatory event for all seniors to attend. This same day, seniors will receive a clearance card, authorizing them to attend the graduation ceremony. 

\Without a doubt, the class of 2021 was an inspiring senior year. Unfortunately, it being unable to experience all of senior year isn’t exactly the best scenario. But, we can be extremely proud of our seniors who’ve made it to graduation. As time flies by, we wish our final goodbye to the class of 2021. Cherish the few weeks we do still have left and congratulations to the graduating class of 2021!