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Lily Yaus
Source: The Growling Wolverine

Senior year is just beginning and so are college applications. This is an important process for seniors in taking their next steps for their future. Many student’s struggle with what to add on their application to allow them to stand out. Luckily, Common App is a great way for student’s to start their application process. 

  Common App is a website that allows students to start their submission process to their colleges of choice.The application process includes a series of questions and responses upon the student’s background such as (personal and parental information, financial background, and extracurriculars from student’s). Extracurriculars are a big part of a student’s application as colleges are looking for well-rounded students who are actively participating in their school environment and community. This includes volunteer hours and honor’s that a student may gain from their work. It is important that students have files of their work organized in a volunteer spreadsheet for each organization/event. Doing so can make it easier when filling out the applicant form. Along with the Common App, student information section the website provides tabs labeled Dashboard, My Colleges, College Search, and Financial Aid. These tabs allow students to seek other colleges around the nation and select the colleges of your choice. Even visiting colleges are great ways to experience the campus, and learn what it has to bring to you. Along with the application process, students who qualify for Financial Aid can apply for other options such as scholarships. Manys scholarships are published for student’s to apply with a wide variety of scholarships to choose from. These are great ways to earn money for college and explore creativity along the way. With so many tools and requirements this may feel overwhelming for seniors, and you aren’t alone. 


Students like Anthony Ocampo, a PSI senior student address his feelings about starting his college application: “Balancing school and starting the college application process can be stressful due to work and volunteering, and with my hours I hope to get the Bright Futures Scholarship.” Like many students, many seniors aim to meet the requirements of this scholarship. The goal of my schedule is to give myself the time I need to study, essentially to obtain the right SAT score.” Ocampo emphasizes the challenges he faces in achieving the necessary score.

Application and time management are big factors of being a student. Many seniors are still working to get their desired SAT (Scholastic, Aptitude, Test) and ACT (American, College, Testing) scores, a critical part of a student’s application. Many Big Public Colleges are looking for high scores that students may feel intimidated by. Along with the need for scores, colleges are also looking for personal essay statements and teacher recommendation letters to show you off as a student . Seminole High School can offer additional help for both the SAT Math Tutor Club and College Essay Assistance. 


The SAT Math Tutoring Club allows students to get that additional support. Leader Armit Vignehs states: “It all started by helping a group of friends out in subjects they struggle with, and we found great understanding in the standardized tests and its importance.” The SAT Math Tutoring club specializes in providing tips and strategies for student’s development and working in a collaborative environment. Vignehs continues on to say “We believe that practice is key, no matter whether it is math or reading. Practice helps simulate that environment in the most effective way possible”.

Going further into the application process, it is important to conduct research on necessary requirements for college’s that may be of interest. Many sources are available along Seminole High School’s Campus, and online to help guide student’s in the best direction. Goodluck to all the Seniors, on the start of their application process!

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    ELIJAH BLACKSep 29, 2023 at 11:08 AM

    Great article Lily!