With starting her acting career at the ripe age of 12, Olivia Rodrigo has now transitioned into the music industry and is a three time Grammy winning artist. Being only 20 years old, she has racked up a great amount of awards. We have watched her grow up, so lets go deeper into Rodrigos exceptionally successful career.

  She originally was based in childrens tv shows, with her “claim to fame” being in 2015 when she starred in the American Girl Doll film, “Grace Stirs Up Success.” She then first appeared on disney channel in the show “Bizaardvark” which ran from 2016-2019. Her musical career skyrocketed when she was recognized on “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” with songs like “All I Want” and “Out Of The Old”. She has since slowly departed from the show to focus on her musical pathway. 

  Since focusing on her music, she has produced two albums. The first album was titled SOUR and consisted of 11 tracks going through the feelings of betrayal, heartbreak, and different things she went through in 17 years of her life. SOUR was released on May 21st 2021, and was nominated for seven grammys. With the seven nominations, she won three out of the seven. With her grammy winning album came the SOUR tour. The tour was wildly successful, touring through the US, UK, and Europe. It spanned through 40 shows, each show being very hard to snag a ticket for as most of the shows were sold out. A student at Seminole High School who would like to keep themselves anonymous had the luck of going to the tour, and had this to say about it: “Olivia puts on an amazing show for each and everyone of her fans, and I hope I can relive it for the GUTS tour.” 

   Following her hit album SOUR, Olivia shocked the world when she released GUTS on September eighth of 2023, with it including 12 tracks .These twelve tracks are more of a reflection on her teenage years, and going in-depth in the feelings of teenage angst. Teenage angst is the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression that are felt within your teenage years. Rodrigo also has encapsulated her feelings of self doubt, envy, and a multitude of other emotions. SHS sophomore Shannon Lee had a very positive opinion about the album, and said this ”I was really shocked listening to the album, I really liked it. It had such a different vibe than SOUR, and I really relate to a lot of the songs.” There is a range of music styles within this album, like pop, rock, and more melancholy based songs.

  The closing track of GUTS is titled “Teenage Dream.” In this song, Rodrigo has her biggest reflection point of her life within the album. Now that she has turned 20, she is officially closing up her teenage years and starting a new chapter in her life. It can be scary to leave such a long period of time behind you, especially being with her continuously increasing fame. Another great song is “Making the Bed.” This song is also a reflection on her life, except now she is talking about her wrong doings. Based on the saying, “You’ve made your bed now lie in it” saying that she created the problem now she has to face the consequences.

 For this album, on September 13th the GUTS world tour was announced.This tour is taking over a longer period of time, with it including 77 shows. Due to her high increase in fame since her last tour, her venues have increased in size due to high demand for tickets.The fight for tickets will be just as hard as last time, so good luck to everybody attempting for tickets!

  Watching her growth for the past eight years has been an adventure, and her musical progression really shows throughout GUTS. There is only growth from here on for Rodrigo, so we are wishing her the best of luck as she embarks on this new journey.


Leah Ball, Reporter
September 25, 2023
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