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The NFL will once again feature a slate of three games for Thanksgiving with potential playoff implications.  So, before sitting down for Thanksgiving, check out the games the NFL has lined up for Week 13.

The 12:30 game will feature Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers rolling into Detroit to face the Lions.  The Lions have played in one of the Thanksgiving Day games every year since 1945, creating a tradition in Detroit.  They will be shooting for just their second winning season since 2001.  Detroit will need to rely heavily on wideout Calvin Johnson, who posted a near-record 329 yards receiving in Week 8 against the Cowboys.

Senior Pearly Pandya remarked that “it’s incredible that a team like [the Lions] continues to play in featured [Thanksgiving]  games every year with how inconsistent they have been.”

The Dallas Cowboys also have a long history of Thanksgiving Day games.  They will play host to the Oakland Raiders at 4:30.  The Cowboys will be hoping for a win to stay in the race for the middling NFC East.  Meanwhile, the Raiders will need a number of strong showings and plenty of luck to even hope to capture a playoff spot.

“I would like to see current top teams like the Broncos and the Chiefs,” remarked sophomore Neil Krishnan.  “Top caliber teams” replacing mainstays such as the Cowboys and Lions could make the games more appealing to everyone.

The night game is scheduled to start at 8:30, featuring the defending Super Bowl champions.  The Pittsburgh Steelers will head to Baltimore to play the  Ravens in a heated battle between division rivals.  Both teams have struggled so far this season after many offseason losses (Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Anquan Boldin of the Ravens; Mike Wallace, James Harrison of the Steelers).   The bad blood between the teams should make for a good game either way.

Thanksgiving football is not for everyone, though. Senior Ryan Alt commented that “[his family’s] tradition is going to hockey games on Thanksgiving.”  So even if football isn’t for everyone, the NFL continues to support Thanksgiving football traditions by scheduling three games which should prove to be entertaining for even the casual fan.