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Abra Stalker
Enjoying a cup of iced coffee and a cinnamon roll in the homey atmosphere of Foxtail

Coffee lovers are frequent among our generations. Every now and then, people grab some coffee for their morning pickup. Well, have you heard of the local Foxtail Coffee Co.? For those who haven’t heard, get a load of this hand crafted coffee, locally built company that has started booming around Central Florida.


Foxtail Coffee Co, originally started back in 2016 in Winter Park, Florida, setting up shop in an old Auto Body building. There, they hand produced, roasted and ground their beans to sell in their delicious drinks. As they gained money, they invested in and expanded their company to share their drinks with everyone around Central Florida. All the way from Gainesville, to south of Melbourne, many people wonder about their secret recipes.


Many of their customers consist of teenagers, most of which are also here at Seminole High School. Kennah Magner, a junior here at SHS stated: “It has a very cozy feel to me, like a cute cafe that you can sit and study or just chill in, very comforting. In comparison to other coffee places, I think it is better than most of them when dealing with quality of food and drink. It always tastes great. You get a good feeling when you step inside.” She also shared her order of a large iced vanilla caramel latte, as well as a turkey avocado bagel sandwich on an asiago bagel with cheese and bacon. 


Not only are Foxtail coffees brewed to perfection, but they have a very calming,

and humbling, feeling throughout their cafès. Think Starbucks, with a much better, cozy and personable environment. The handmade touch makes it feel warm, which is what most coffee lovers, as well as scholars, prefer. Many come excitedly throughout the day just to experience its environment, or, get a taste of their rich and smooth creations. The feeling in the air sparks a feeling of creativity and productivity, great for studying with others or talking with your close friends. It’s an environment everyone dreams of in their own homes. 


Foxtail Coffee just opened their newest location in Downtown Sanford earlier this month, on the 5th of September. Business has been busily consistent throughout the past month they’ve been open, and it seems they will continue to thrive down in the bustling streets of downtown, especially during the weekends. With their coffees handcrafted in store, it’s hard to keep away from their daring drinks, as well as their sweet treats. It’s a perfect place to feel calm and take time for yourself, or with others. Popular treats like cinnamon rolls and muffins are sold fresh throughout the mornings with their coffee, and employees work hard and provide the most welcoming attitudes; it’s hard not to fall in love with the place.


  David Griffin, a teenage worker at one of the restaurants in Downtown Sanford, also had a positive word about the coffee hotspot: “I started seeing a lot of people walk by with cups in their hand, and I was curious where the logo was coming from. After a few days, I walked around and stopped by. Their environment was really calming and smelt great, although their prices are just as high as any other cafe. Besides that, I love the place, and I like how the decorations look, especially for Fall time.” Many people seem to have heard through friends about the new opening, more than any other way of communication. He also later stated he went again with a friend, and in his opinion: “Honestly a perfect place for a combination of good music and silence in the same space.”


Foxtail has become a widespread experience for coffee lovers in Central Florida. Once a town favorite, it turned into 56 stores throughout the cities of Florida. A cup of coffee in a cozy environment is perfect for experiencing that hometown feel in a sweet setting, with grooving music and a great place to take a break.

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