Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson, and Smosh are few of the famous youtube celebrities that teens are ecstatic about.

Natalie Lambert, Staff Reporter

The web is more alive than ever, and one of its main sites is sweeping the world: YouTube. For years, YouTube has been a popular internet sensation that has attracted many netizens. Lately it seems people can simply get famous by activating an account and entertaining the world.

“I think YouTube is a great website since you can find any kind of video from music to pranks. YouTube is fun and easy to get on if you’re safe,” said freshman Jennifer Lopez.

YouTube is a website for the browsing of internet videos. Containing hits for every search possible, a viewer can simply (type in a search)and watch videos. Its purpose is to entertain, inform, and store videos on one site.

Many people make accounts on YouTube to upload videos for people to watch. In this way, many account makers have become internet celebrities with views reaching millions and worldwide fans. These people are YouTube celebrities and may make YouTube what it is today.

“You can just act stupid and people will like that. You don’t have to appeal to everybody, just a certain group of people,” said sophomore Micheal Makhmudov on YouTube celebrities.

Smosh, a largely popular internet account, consists of two boys, Ian and Anthony. The boys are largely known for silly humor and parodies of TV shows. They also write their own skits for certain videos and incorporate their own characters and ideas into their account. Some videos they are known for are If Pokémon were Real and Boxman.

Ryan Higa is another well-known solo YouTube celebrity. His videos commonly rack up millions of views worldwide, and he often hosts other well-known YouTube celebrities on his website. His videos are mixes of parodies, skits, and simply talking to fans about funny issues he believes should be brought up. He has also made a few parody music videos that have made it onto ITunes to be purchased by fans.

Jenna Marbles is one of the funniest girls on YouTube, making videos to cater to all audiences, but specifically girls. Using her sense of dry humor and sarcasm, she turns everyday things and problems people worry and talk about, into something humorous. Her videos range from scripts to simply talking, to telling what’s going on in her life.

“I love her,” said sophomore Allison Miller on Jenna Marbles. “I like that she’s quirky and doesn’t care.”

There are many world famous YouTube stars besides these, ranging between Shane Dawson to Des and Nate. They also have many fans and views, with largely popular videos on YouTube.

Each You-tuber offers something fresh to the internet and captures the attention of many. Anyone can become a celebrity on YouTube and the options aren’t limited on what to do. Anyone could be the next one to grow famous on the net. The internet is where it’s at, and these internet celebrities are bringing it to the table.