Rachel Lanspery

At Seminole High School there are so many sports and activities that are available to our students. If you like to run, swim, dive, or even golf there is a club for you.

Ava Flaute, Reporter

As the school year  kicks off, we are beginning to be introduced to many new clubs and sports. Being part of  extracurricular activities is a great  way to get involved in your school. Not only that, extracurricular activities can also     be included in your college resume. There is a club or a sport suited for everyone’s interest. However, some students may not know what clubs are available or what sports are offered at Seminole High. 


Beginning with sports, most students know we have a football team, a basketball team, or even a volleyball team. However, some students may not know Seminole High School offers a golf team. SHS has a golf team under the direction of coach Pete Sands. They offer both a boy’s golf team and a girls golf team. They are a very inclusive, dedicated, and hardworking team. If you have an interest in golf and are interested in becoming a member of their team email psands@mayfairgolf.com.


Seminole High School IB student Mikayla Mahabir states “Practices for the golf team are Monday through Thursday. During practice, we can focus on skills that will improve ourselves individually. For example, if someone is struggling on their short game they would be able to practice that and if you are struggling on your long game you would have the opportunity to practice that. It is a perfect sport if you are interested in being on a team but competing individually.”


Another team sport not many students know about  Beach Volleyball. In case you are unfamiliar with what beach volleyball is, it is a team sport that is very similar to indoor volleyball, nonetheless, it is played on a sand court. This sport is offered as a spring sport, which begins later in the year. If you think beach volleyball is the way you should get involved and support your interest, you can reach out to coach Gary Baker at bakergz@scps.k12.fl.us


However, not only is Seminole High School only offering sports as a way for you to get involved in your school. There are also many different clubs available within our school. Most clubs are offered after school as an extracurricular that could be an amazing addition to your resume or a chance to earn volunteer hours. These clubs are also a great way to meet new people and take your mind off school work.


The most popular club offered at SHS is the NHS club. NHS stands for National Honor Society, it is a club for juniors and seniors to join. However, for this certain club, you have to be accepted into the club. This club is also only for Juniors and Seniors. This club recognizes Honors Students and awards them for certain criteria such as their GPA and extracurriculars. This club offers you the chance to earn volunteer hours to receive Bright Futures. They provide many different volunteer opportunities within the community and have one for each of everyday  interest.


A small but empowering club offered at Seminole High School is the Girl Up Club. This club raises awareness and empowers girls in other developing countries to make sure they are educated, healthy, and safe while still protecting their cultural values. They have an Instagram account (@girlupseminole) you can follow or message @girlsupshs1 to 81010 to join their remind and stay updated with upcoming meetings and events or email their sponsor, Ms. Crovitz.


Another prominent club available at Seminole is the Red Cross Club. This is a very well-known club around campus, their  motive in starting this club is to help the community and earn community service hours. They offer many events such as donation drives, making care packages sound the alarm and many more events that help our local community. It is a big honor to represent this club. If you think you are interested follow their Instagram @nolesredcross.


These are not the only clubs offered here at Seminole, we offer several different clubs and sports available for everyone’s interests. If you want to see the different clubs available,  go to the Seminole High School Website and look under Clubs and Activities or Athletics depending on what you are searching for.