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So it starts, arguably one of the most important months for Muslims all around the globe. Starting on March 11th/March 12th, Muslims will stop eating for the hours that the sunrises as they start the fasting period. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and falls on different dates each year. This year Ramadan is expected to end around the 11th or 12th of April.

Muslims all around unite as they sustain from not only eating, but also from committing sin. This month is spiritually infused as this is the time to most connect with religion and form better habits for the new year to come.

Muslims here at Seminole High School (SHS) reflect on what this holy month means to them. Zia Ali, an IB junior, says: “Fasting to some might seem strange but to me it makes perfectly sense. Not only do you strength connections with your religion but also with the people around you. During this month, I work to be a better person which stays with me year round.” Ali is not the only one who feels these positive affects of Ramadan. Many Muslims go each and every day to the Mosque where they eat and pray with the individuals in the community. This brings together Muslims and strengths the connections within the community.

Laabiah Khimani, another IB junior, also shares the following: “For me, fasting is a bit hard but it is worth it. It’s a time for spiritual growth.” Though Ramadan is a time for spiritual growth, it also has many physical benefits and fasting has recently become a trend adopted in Western Culture. Fasting allows for lower cholesterol levels, which helps to prevent heart disease. Additionally, fasting leds to more white blood cells, strengthening the immune system. Brain function also has an increase with fasting, adding on to the list of reasons why Muslims fast. Fasting for Muslims is required as long as the person is healthy enough to do so and is never forced upon an individual who can’t.

As Ramadan begins, be sure to wish your Muslims friends a Ramadan Mubarak and maybe sustain from eating in front of them. And hey, maybe you can try fasting with them too!

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