Gwyneth Katker

Halloween is a fun time for many kids, but it can sometimes be dangerous. Seminole Newspaper provides some tips that can benefit you on your Halloween adventures.

Kruthi Munugeti, Reporter

The spookiest time of the year has arrived, and the Seminole is here to give you 7 Fun and Safe Tips to help make this Halloween the best!


#1: Do not go anywhere by yourself.

 Halloween is a fun time to spend with friends, whether it’s going to a Halloween party or going Trick or Treating, however make sure you have a trusted person near you to ensure your safety throughout the night. Don’t forget, there is safety in numbers!


#2: Stay on the sidewalks.

Staying on the sidewalks eliminates any potential danger from reckless drivers on the dark streets. 


#3: Plan your night, and tell someone your plan.

If you are either staying home or going out to trick or treat, it may be helpful to plan what you are doing so that you can get the most out of your night while still staying safe. By telling someone your plan, your night will be safer because someone will be expecting you and can call for help if you are not where you are supposed to be.


#4: Check your candy before eating it.

Make sure that your candy appears unopened before eating. DO NOT take any home-made or baked goods from someone, you can not be certain what is in it. If you have any allergies make sure you check the ingredients before eating the candy.


#5: Use face paint instead of a mask.

In addition to looking more authentic than a mask, face paint is safer because it doesn’t block your vision. Another tip is to use hypoallergenic face paint, because it eliminates sweat and can prevent later breakouts.


#6: Carry a flashlight.

A flashlight can be a multipurpose tool during Halloween, and it is portable. Whether it’s losing an earring or checking both ways when crossing a street without lights, a flashlight can be a very useful tool to have.


#7: Be careful when driving.

If you are are skipping out on Halloween festivities this year, make sure you watch out for little children when driving somewhere.


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