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Katelyn Van
Taylor Swift at MetLife Stadium to watch Kansas Chief’s Travis Kelce

Recently, fans have been noticing a spark between the world famous singer Taylor Swift and star NFL player Travis Kelce. What started from a small gesture on Kelce’s end is now becoming something fans see as the pair being more than just friends. Despite Swift’s recent breakup several months ago, it seems she is enjoying herself and spending more time with Kelce. The recent interactions between the two have left many people wondering, are they becoming a couple?


Kelce allegedly made a bracelet with his phone number on it for when he attended Swift’s Era’s Tour on July 26th, but was unable to give it to her. Still, that did not stop them from forming a new bond. Two months after Kelce’s failed attempt to give her his number, it was reported that they were spotted spending time together in New York City, and have been hanging out quietly (The Messenger Entertainment). Sources have spoken up, stating that Swift and Kelce are in the “talking” stage of their relationship as they’re keeping things casual for now. It was also mentioned that Kelce has been interested in Swift for a while now, and that he definitely has a crush on her (HarpersBazaar).


On September 24th, Swift attended an NFL game that Kelce was playing in. She was seen seated next to Kelce’s mother in the VIP box at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. They cheered and laughed together throughout the game as they supported the Chiefs, and Swift even wore a Chief’s jacket. After the game, the two were seen leaving the stadium together, with Kelce wearing a “1989 Bedroom Painting Set” from Swift’s popular “1989” album’s merch. Later after they were spotted, it was revealed that they got dinner together at Prime Social Rooftop. A witness claimed that Kelce paid for everyone’s meals in order for all the customers to leave, allowing him, his mom, his team, and Swift to have an after-party with the restaurant to themselves. Swift snacked and danced alongside Kelce, and the pair was described to be affectionate. To add to this, the party lasted until 2 in the morning (Entertainment Tonight).


Just a few months ago, Swift went through a harsh breakup with Joe Alwyn, who she dated for six years. Several fans feel that she is moving on too quickly, especially due to the length of her last relationship. Even so, Swift is still having fun and taking things as they come. 


SHS junior dazzler, Olivia Wilson, gives her opinion: “I think it will definitely be something more than friends. I’m a huge fan of hers, so I would love to see her happy in a relationship again. I think it’s super cool that they’re a popstar and football player duo. I ship them for sure! I think it was super unexpected, which is adorable, and I hope they last. It would be iconic.”


SHS junior, Wyatt Arisman, states his feelings: “I’m really excited about this new relationship. My girlfriend is a really big fan, and she’s gotten me into her music, and her as a person. I think she’s such a sweet, genuine woman.Travis seems like a good guy for her. I was honestly super surprised when I found out that she was spending time with an NFL player; it just seems so random. But I’m definitely here for it, and I’m excited to see what they’ll become. I also have high hopes for the music that will come out of this. I’m obsessed with her love songs, and I know she’ll definitely have something coming soon.”


This new romance is both exciting and unexpected. From quiet hang-outs to late night dinner parties, it is certainly catching the attention of both Swifties and NFL fans. As Swift and Kelce spend more time together, their relationship is bound to grow into something more.

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