With prom coming up, many students have opted for alternative prom plans.
(Abra Stalker)

With this year’s prom on April 22nd, many upperclassmen were left scrambling to buy dresses and perfect everything in preparation for their big day. For them, prom is a huge milestone in their lives. However, for some students, it is just another day. At Seminole, some students have made the decision to skip out on the event and make alternative plans.


An SHS student, Kennedy Marino, decided not to attend her junior prom. She does not believe that the event is a crucial part of her high school experience and made alternative plans. Marino expresses:  “The majority of my friends are underclassmen that [didn’t attend] the event this year, so I decided I wouldn’t either.” This can be the case for many other juniors. Rather than attending a regular prom, Kennedy decided that she will be dressing up and going out to dinner with a friend, and throwing her own version of prom for her and her friends to celebrate together. This alternative plan is great for those who love hosting and would prefer a smaller celebration. 


Caprice Perkins, an SHS Senior, also didn’t attend prom this year and instead attended a competition for her church. She believes that while prom is “one night where you get to dress up, dance, and hang out with friends,” she is content with not having gone this year since she went her junior year. 


A popular alternative plan for those who have already turned 18 is renting an Airbnb or a hotel room. Renting a place and splitting the costs with friends is a great way to keep the budget low while having a good time. Young adults can rent an amazing room in many beautiful areas, so the sky is the limit for what you plan on doing.


SHS junior, Justin Rosado, believes attending prom is a great part of the high school experience, but he’s saving his energy for prom in senior year. 

Rosado says he “trained for the upcoming football season and [went out with his] girlfriend [instead].” Rosado believes that it is more important to work on bettering himself, so he can go all out next year. 


SHS Senior Sophia Romero did not attend prom, but had exciting alternative plans. Prom is something she believes to be a good experience, but not by any means important. Romero scheduled a trip to Peru a year ago, not aware of this year’s prom dates, and missing her senior prom is just another example of how things work out. While she is missing out on prom, she is excited to visit her family and explore the amazing sights of Peru. 

Whether you attended prom or not, April 22nd was a fun night for everyone! There were so many different things you could do and at the core of things, Prom night should be a night filled with friends and memories, no matter where you make them.