Astrology Events in April


Though astrology is generally acknowledged as a pseudoscience, it has become the talk of the town. It is especially popular among teens, often becoming the topic of many conversations. The question of whether your birth sign influences your life remains a topic for discussion.

Sejal Mohan, Reporter

Everyone has an astrological chart, that may or may not influence their life events if they choose to believe it or not. 

IB senior Jay Nibhanapudy says “I do not believe in astrology due to lack of evidence that would demonstrate its efficacy as a means of making predictions. I don’t believe anything without evidence due to my belief that claims made without evidence are most often false. I don’t really like or dislike astrology. If it makes people happy, then I guess it’s good. However, I think there’s an argument to be made that the propagation of false beliefs are generally harmful for society.”

Whether you believe it or not, looking into your birth chart can be fun. In your chart, there are planets that involve your aggression, method of love, and way of thinking, and other aspects of your actions, but the three main ones are sun, moon, and rising. The sun sign represents overall personality, the moon sign represents your emotional response, and the rising sign is how others may perceive you. As each planet represents a trait, the sign we have for the planet shows how we act in that trait. For example, a Libra sign with the planet Mercury resembles the connective Libra trait with the Mercury planet’s focus on connection.

Furthermore, each planet is in a house, or a position in the solar system. As the planets in our solar system orbit, their positions affect the planets in our own chart. For example, if a planet is in a certain house during a specific time, it may bring positivity or negativity, depending on where that planet and sign are in the chart.

Health Academy Senior Rose Musick says “I really like astrology and I find it fascinating. I wouldn’t say I believe in zodiacs in general, however, I wouldn’t rule it out. I find it very interesting, so I have researched it a lot. We know so little about how the universe works, so I think it would be a little ignorant to rule it out entirely as a possibility.”

There are a few astrological events coming up that can just be beautiful to witness even if you don’t believe in astrological signs. On April 12, there will be a new moon that won’t be visible to us as it will be on the same side of the Earth as the Sun. On April 22 and 23, there will be the Lyrids Meteor Shower. The shower happens annually sometime between April 16-22. It is projected to have about 20 meteors a week. On April 27, there will be a full moon. Some believe these astrological events influence different zodiac signs depending on your overall chart.

Musick shares “I’m very excited for the meteor shower because it’ll be a good way to cleanse my tarot deck and crystal. However, the new moon is in Aries, which doesn’t cause a drastic change for my birth chart.”

The new moon, occurring during the Aries season of March 19 through April 19, is said to cultivate those naturally impulsive and bold personality traits of an Aries. In the Aries season especially, those with Aries placements in their chart feel their Aries traits have amplified. 

During this time, it is said that love, money, and communication are areas that would benefit from being a little more bold than usual. This new moon would affect Aries, Cancers, and Libra’s the most, giving a special time for opportunities and success. Cancers, in particular, would thrive in the career and organizing aspect of their lives, and Libra signs would do well in reevaluating and nourishing their relationships.

Whether you follow up with astrological events or choose not to, astrology is a fun tool to learn more about the world and yourself.

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