Mansoor Esfandieyar

A leadership member works on a banner for the Pink-Out pep rally.

Alexis Wood, Reporter

Almost every student at Seminole High School has heard of Leadership, the mastermind organization behind our school’s most popular events. From organizing our pep rallies to carrying out homecoming, Leadership is a vital part of our school. With a multitude of applicants for Leadership each year, many Noles are eager to join in on the Leadership fun. However, those who are actually a part of it say Leadership isn’t always as glamorous as it seems.

“It’s like student government. It’s for [those] students who want to rise up and be leader[s] for the school. We run all the pep rallies, food drives, and we go to administration for ideas we want to do,” said sophomore Grant Vinson.

Leadership is a very well-respected organization; however, behind their fun-loving exterior, their meetings are full of hard work and dedication. They always have something to do, whether it is designing posters or preparing for events, in order to ensure that every student’s voice is heard.

“Homecoming morning we had to get up and go to school to set up at 8:30 and stay until 11:45 p.m. We had to move all the tables from the cafeteria into the new gym. Then, after homecoming, we had to move them all the way back and fold them up. We had to pick up every single piece of trash,” said sophomore Gaby Parente.

Although being in charge and organizing events is something to be proud of, there is still a downside to always being in the know.

“Since we plan everything, there is no excitement factor because we know everything that is going on,” said junior Juliana Bentley-Krest.

When it comes to planning events, the students in Leadership always prepare for the worst. Seminole High School’s most recent event was the Homecoming parade. It ended up being canceled due to weather, but that didn’t get in Leadership’s way; they still set up the parade while it was pouring rain. Leadership is determined and always does the most for any event they create.

“Some of the team members went out on that Thursday to help set up the parade. When it was cancelled, of course we were disappointed, but we couldn’t hang our heads about it so we kind of looked for the positives in the situation. We were all happy with the effort that we had put into the parade but we just had to focus on what we could control,” said junior Caden Reeves.

Leadership, contrary to what most students believe, is not just a walk in the park. Noles want to join Leadership because they fancy the idea of being able to run events, but those in Leadership say that students do not realize the price of being under the Leadership pressure. They don’t mean this as a means of discouragement, but rather a means of realization. They hope to continue to successfully represent the student body and always bring forth the best for our school.