Breast Cancer October


Jessica Ty

During the month of October, several organisations and charities raise breast cancer awareness.

Anusha Sikand, Reporter

Breast Cancer Awareness month is a time for people to come together to increase awareness for breast cancer. It serves as a means of bringing the community together to raise funds, provide support, recognize those who have lost their battle with cancer, and hear the inspiring stories of those who survived. By dedicating October to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, those who have been affected by breast cancer are given a platform and encouragement from the community.


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Breast cancer is among the top three most deadly cancers for women with 331,530 women being affected each year in the United States alone. A common misconception is that breast cancer can only affect women, but that is false. Although significantly less, an estimated 2,670 men are also affected each year. Cancer in males is detected as a hard lump underneath the nipple and areola


“One thing that we got from my mom and grandfather being diagnosed [with breast cancer and stomach cancer, respectively] is we spend a lot more time together as a family,” said senior Safiya Dewji. “I think it is best to stay together and build upon the different hardships we got as a family.” 


Seminole is taking initiative to promote Breast Cancer Awareness by displaying a light pink car in front of Renegade Hall where students who have friends and family affected by breast cancer can sign the vehicle and tell their story. This care serves as symbol for fighting cancer honoring those who lost their lives to it. With this pink symbol, Seminole High has joined an important movement of awareness. 


Many movements have been made throughout the years to show support towards healthcare and preventative measures of breast cancer. For example, the Health Social Movement (HSM) is a social movement designed to promote health care access and bring light to the social issues of inequality and inequity based on race, demographics, gender, etc. Platforms such as these allow many to speak out on their encounters and survival stories inspiring many who are faced with the same battle left to fight. 


Seminole’s efforts to join the fight against breast cancer allows the community to come together to support and share experiences. Many are able to have a voice to express their feelings and inspire others to continue to fight and enjoy life. We come together and fight together!