Laila Rahbari

Signs like this throughout the media are apparent, thanking doctors and nurses.

As April comes to a close, almost half a million individuals have recovered from the coronavirus. Healthcare workers and medical personnel remain a key component in stopping the virus from escalating further and preventing as many deaths as possible. Around the world, doctors, nurses, and other medical workers have been risking their lives treating individuals that have positive-tested for COVID-19. 


Healthcare workers are working hard to help with care, treatment, testing, and much more. With this in mind, it is important to take note of how fortunate society is to have them provide care and treat the masses in these extremely difficult circumstances. Across the globe, people have expressed their gratitude toward the health-care workers  In Las Vegas, Air Force Thunderbirds flew over hospitals as a display of their appreciation for healthcare workers. Paris gave a tribute by lighting the Eiffel Tower for the hospital workers and other first responders. Many more have joined together to offer thanks to those on the front line. Google, among other large platforms, released a “thank you” video celebrating the hundreds of thousands of medical workers spending hours on end and putting their lives in jeopardy for the benefit of sick individuals. To honor the sacrifices medical professionals are making during this time, you can send a thank-you note here


“We have a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, technologists and support staff taking care of patients on the frontline. And there are scores of teams supporting them — from environmental services and social work to spiritual care and many others. They all have been working every day knowing they are at risk of exposure, amid an underlying concern of running out of personal protective equipment and the possibility of exposing their families as well,” explained Sharon O’Keefe, the President of the University of Chicago Medical Center.


When providing medical assistance, healthcare workers are not immune to COVID-19. Many have developed symptoms because they work such long hours helping other people. On Sunday, a report recorded that hundreds of healthcare workers tested positive for COVID-19. Many nurses and doctors report feelings of exhaustion working long hours a day in extenuating circumstances. While we are fortunate in America to have lengthy staff and equipment, we are still lacking many necessary resources, enough staff, and have shortages in medical supplies. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is another area of growing concern for these health-care workers. Currently, there is a reported tally of almost 10,000 health-care workers testing positive for COVID-19; however, many believe the records are much higher. 


Despite these dire circumstances, many of the nurses and — are not getting additional pay. It comes to no surprise, however, as they continue treating sick patients, it is important that they remain self-isolated to prevent the disease from spreading any further.