Photo Contributed

Destiny Show Choir performs at the Fall Concert to start their season.

Jennifer Schmid, Photographer

The chorus program at Seminole consists of six different choirs, one of which is the well-known Destiny Show Choir. The show choir not only sings, but dances as well. Around thirty students participate year-round, rehearsing once a week. The students have been preparing for an intense competition since the start of the school year, and the pressure is on as the auditions approach.

This March, Destiny is headed to the Show Choir America competition at the Hard Rock Live event center in Orlando. Last year they placed 4th at the same competition, and this year they hope to land a spot in the top three. Besides winning, the goal of the choir members is to grow as singers and take everything as a learning experience.

Dance captain and junior Trinity Meyer said, “I love being in Destiny. This is my second year in [the choir], so I think it gives singers an opportunity to perform: not just to sing, but to sing and dance at the same time. My favorite part is when we actually go to competition because I love meeting other choirs from different parts of the country.”

In recent years, Destiny has started to keep up with the times by incorporating more pop music, but they also have a lot of cultural diversity in the choir, as everybody brings their own talent to the table. 

“I’m proud of all of the new changes that Destiny has funded this year. I’m just excited for the future,” says Meyer.

Not only are the Destiny members extremely talented, but the stunning choreographer, Jessie Wilson, is the brains behind the final product. She has been a choreographer for Destiny for eleven years. While Wilson said she is not the type of person to get a rush from anything, including roller coasters, she always does when she is performing. 

Wilson said said, “My favorite part is being able to create and kind of see my vision come out on people, and to do everything as a team, sing as a team, move as a team, act as a team, and bond as a team,  not as a soloist. That’s the biggest goal.”

Seminole’s chorus program, including Destiny, wouldn’t be the same without the talented chorus director, Jamie Poss.

“I really, truly enjoy seeing the chorus work together, because it’s such a different way to work together.  Singing is so personal but then dancing is fun. So adding those two together is honestly really fun to see. And this group this year has really good camaraderie,” says Poss.

Poss is nervous and excited about competition. This, after all, is her first time in the position of advisor and not competitor. However, she is optimistic.

“I get to do what I love to do every single day,” she said. “Most people don’t have that luxury, but I do I get to make music with kids who want to make music, and I get to do that everyday. So that’s my favorite.”

As Destiny looks towards its Show Choir America competition in March, its members reflect on the ideals that drew them to join in the first place.

“If you love to sing, and if you have a passion for performing, you don’t have to be a great dancer, but if you are willing to learn and grow yourself as a performer, that’s why anyone should want to join Destiny,” said Meyer.