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Photographers Of Seminole

Abra Stalker

Photography is a growing art, especially here at Seminole. There is a great uprise of students using cameras to document their high school life. Using photographs to document memories is nothing new, but with the use of social media to post and promote this act of digital storytelling, cameras are becoming more popularized.


Hasini Munugeti, IB Junior, has been photographing her high school experience since her freshman year. She takes pictures of her friends at school and at events/parties they attend. She then uploads these photos to her Instagram account “@hasinicam” allowing her friends to view these memories. Hasini states, “I’ve been interested in photography since elementary school, but the beginning of covid was when I got more into it” Hasini began taking photos and realized how much she loves photography.  


Sports photography is a popular genre among photographers, especially here at Seminole, with endless athletic events. Many students have began capturing FNL and other sports from the sidelines.


Photographer and IB Junior, Marlena Swaim, began taking football photos for SHS Noles Athletics at the beginning of this year, which has helped her to grow as a photographer. Marlena Shares a personal anecdote “when I was 10 I had taken a photo of about 9 or 10 Roseate Spoonbills together, I didn’t know this, but it’s kind of rare for that many to be together at once. My dad had me edit it, and we printed and framed it for my grandparents, and one of their friends who worked for the newspaper of their town loved it and put it in the newspaper. I felt so accomplished.” Swaim is interested in all types of photography and enjoys how her photos make people happy. 


Another athletic photographer, Kaden Szabo, a Sophomore in the Health Academy, shares his experience so far being a sports photographer. Szabo got into photography at the start of September this year and discovered his passion for photography and graphic design. He has a particular interest in football, but has begun taking pictures for other sports as well. Szabo shares he spends “anywhere from 3 to 7 hours per week on editing and taking pics” that’s real dedication. Photography is a time-consuming hobby, but the results can be rewarding.


Seminole is home to so much talent, and is a campus life is a great subject. There are so many different styles of photography, and our school offers a variety of photography related classes for those interested in learning more. 

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