Drivers Education During Pandemic


Rachel Lansperry

Seminole High School is offering Drivers Education to students. You can sign up from the school website or the front desk at either campuses.

Christina Davenport, Reporter

When it comes down to what it takes to be considered a “safe driver”, there are a few ways to tell the driver’s technical ability, the amount of time they’ve spent behind the wheel, and lastly, their previous knowledge about the rules of the road. When teenagers begin to drive, it’s important to acknowledge the value of all the components listed above. Many parents underestimate the importance of teaching their children more than parallel parking and merging into a new lane. Driver Education courses can help reduce the chances of getting into a car accident or even help you pass your driver’s test on the first try.

Seminole County Public Schools recently released news stating a new driver’s education program that can be found at Seminole, Lyman, and Winter Springs High School. The course is available from Jan. 19-May 6th and any student that is registered at a Seminole County Public School will be eligible for this opportunity. The course is half a semester-long with the ability to earn a 0.5 credit if they successfully complete the course. This will take place from 3:15-5:15 PM on Monday and Wednesday at Lyman High or Tuesday and Thursday at Seminole and Winter Springs High. Applications are available in all of the high school guidance offices. Students interested in enrolling in the program need to complete the application and return it to the guidance office at their home school by Jan. 6th. Enrollment is limited to 25 students per class, so it is important to register as soon as possible

Listing benefits may be considered difficult as the course may seem time-consuming, however, it can be super beneficial to all students. Most states have a graduated driver’s license program (GDL). These programs benchmark phases in a teen’s driving practice to ensure they’re ready for the road before they get their license. The requirements include: being either 15 or 16 to apply for a learner’s permit, pass a test to obtain your learner’s permit, complete a minimum amount of supervised driving hours (usually around 30) by enrolling in driver’s ed or driving with a qualified adult, Take your license test, and drive with a restricted license once you reach a certain amount of driving time. Students are usually mandated to take a written test and the benefit of driving school is that it could keep the student up to date on all of the local driving laws and will have practiced for hours and hours of driving techniques necessary to obtain a license.

Research has also shown that teenagers tend to learn from their experiences. When a teenager (or anyone else) completes a driver’s education course, they walk away feeling more confident and experienced about their abilities as a driver. They have a better understanding of cars and safety regulations. This usually boosts their confidence level and helps them respond appropriately in difficult driving situations. This confidence will, in the end, make them better drivers. That will provide peace of mind to nervous parents. Mom and dad can rest easy knowing that their baby is driving with confidence and being safe out there on the roads. It’s hard to put a value on that kind of peace of mind.

In a driver’s education course, people are exposed to the information longer, tested on all aspects of it more than once, and are required to put the rules of the road into action in front of an instructor and their peers. Studies show that this practice helps people remember the information better and drive safer when they get out on the road by themselves. 

With that being said, the overall benefit of taking a driver’s ed course seems to outweigh the doubts that many students have. It also helps provide a safe environment for students to practice their driving skills which helps give parents ease of mind. Students should take advantage of this opportunity to not only gain course credit but learn about how to safely navigate motor vehicles.