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Sahasra Vemula

Prom night is quickly approaching, and the juniors and seniors of Seminole High School are preparing for one of the biggest nights of their high school lives. Dresses and tuxedos are flying off the shelves, friends are making dinner and after-party plans, and as the tickets go on sale for this fateful night, there is no doubt that the venue will fill with excited and overjoyed young adults. 

For years, prom has been considered the biggest and best dance of any teenager’s life, and students tend to go all out for it. Prom is a milestone for all, one that is sure to leave a lasting mark on their memories.  From the glittery, poofy dresses to the finely pressed tuxes, one must always be sure to dress their best. As prom season approaches, malls and outlets are stocking their hangers with perfectly beautiful outfits, and everyone is spending hours upon hours searching for the flawless gown or suit that will surely elevate the wonderful experience of this once in a lifetime dance.

“I didn’t go to junior prom because I wanted to save the experience for my senior year,” says SHS senior Amal Ahmed. “I went shopping with my friend and my sister, and shopping for prom is so much better when you’re doing it with the people you love. Plus, getting feedback from the people who are with you makes the affair of choosing a dress so much easier.”

Prom shopping is, no doubt, getting expensive, especially since we’re just upon prom season, but students continue to be determined to pull no punches. The outfits are a given, of course, but there is so much more to think about! A beautiful corsage, the perfect hairstyle, and for the ladies, especially, a makeup look to match the lure of their gown. 

“Some of the dresses we saw were like four hundred to five hundred dollars, and it was so absolutely insane,” comments Ahmed. “My friend and I both bought dresses under two hundred dollars, but we’re honestly considering getting our makeup professionally done the night of prom.” 

Prom also comes with a series of traditions, from the promposals to the after-parties, and of course, we absolutely can’t forget the fun of getting ready at your friend’s house. Prom is meant to be only a few hours long, but most teenagers treat it as an event that lasts nearly the whole day! 

“There are some people that just go to prom on their own without committing to the whole shebang of getting ready together and going to dinner, but I feel like without doing any of that stuff, you don’t get the whole experience,” admits an anonymous SHS senior. “Prom is still two months away, but my friends and I are already planning to meet at my house, get ready together, and then go to a nice restaurant beforehand for dinner. I’ve heard they don’t normally serve anything good at the actual venue, so we’d rather grab something together than at the actual event.” 

Prom night is more than just another dance like homecoming or that one unnamed middle school dance — nothing can compare to the experience. Prom is a night filled with happiness and excitement, a moment where nothing else matters except for the time that you have with your friends. The memories of prom never leave, and as students begin to bid adieu to the ending of this long, long tradition, they will do so with the inner remembrance of sparkling stars across the dance floor and glistening decor. Prom: it’s a night to never forget.

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