Football Frenzy


Go Noles!

Isabel Gomez, Reporter

Our Seminole Noles faced off against Riverview Sarasota and brought home another victory! The game ended with a score of Seminoles 35- Riverview Sarasota 6. The game had a rocky start , according to football player and receiver Chasen Johnson, he says that “to be honest at first we were tripping but we did ok our second half. We had to wake up, coach gave us  a little speech and we went out there and did our thing.” Chasen sadly has been injured and unable to play, he says “but I’m going to try to ease into it this week” showing the famous Seminole perseverance. While he  continues to cheer on his fellow Noles just as we all are.  Although the first half had most of us on the edge of our seats, it took a few but powerful words for our football coach to get our fellow Seminoles heads in the game. After hearing words of motivation Seminole began to dominate the field. Seminole had many deep throws, outstanding passes, and consistent as well as remarkable blocking. Our fellow Noles fought hard and defended our home field with Honor and will continue to do so. This teaches any team going up against Seminole that we Noles will not back down without a good fight!

Several highlights included Seminole fighting sports. On the offensive side, “we had #30, Rory Thomas run 140 yards on 10 carries (14 yards average),” according to Coach Cox. This means he ran approximately 14 yards after being tackled ten times! After the first half, Seminole led 6-14, and when the second half began, our tenacious Noles gave Riverview a run for their money. #7 Michael Key scored a tremendous touchdown, which boosted the team’s morale and spirits.Later in the third quarter we were at 10 yards on Riverview Sarasota and on our first down we scored a touchdown thanks to #32 Trey Clark’s 10 yards rushing. #62 Cale Tomlin followed with a good PAT (point after touchdown) kick. The score shifted to 6-21 Seminoles up. As the game progressed another touchdown was scored thanks to a completed pass to #56 Anthony Dunn Jr. increased the score to 6-27! In addition, our Seminoles chose to play for a 2pt conversion instead of a field kick. This means that instead of going for a 1-point field kick, our Seminoles decided to attempt to pass the ball to the end zone risking a tackle but receive more points. These risks paid off when #1 Darren Lawrence rushed and scored the 2pt conversion. The score board then shifted to 6-29 with Seminole up. However, a score correction occurred due to #56 Anthony Dunn Jr. showboating, scoreboard then read 6-28. As the third quarter started to come to a close, #30 Rory Thomas came in with a 3-yard rushing touchdown. And #62 Cale Tomlin once again came in with another good PAT kick. Cale Tomlin scored all 5 of his PAT kicks! He undeniably made his fellow Noles proud.

In addition to the many outstanding moments  in which our Seminoles scored, ,we also had many amazing defensive moments. According to Coach Cox “Lucas Fonseca forced a fumble. Kameron Morris also had an interception. And we had a big block on a punt by Michael Key.” Not only does Seminole have an undeniably great  offense, but we also have a powerful defense.. Our Seminole football team is a force to be reckoned with and will continue to make us all proud. We  always have outstanding players and plays throughout the years, and that is why Seminole is victorious! Let us continue to support our fellow Noles and maintain our fighting spirit! Go Noles!