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Dallas Hudson and Justin Rosado celebrating a touchdown followed by a well earned win.

It’s the game that has gotten everyone hyped. The Seminoles first playoff game is against the Hagerty Huskies. Seminole just got off a win with Lake Mary to make them district champions and host the first playoff game. The winner will go on to play Apopka High School for round two of the playoffs.


The first quarter kicks off with Seminole sending the ball to Hagerty and excitement peaks when a fumble on the opening play grants Seminole possession. The offensive momentum is swift, with Karson Siqueiros-Lasky’s opening play featuring a deep pass to Michael Key, securing the first touchdown of the night. Hagerty faces trouble on a 3rd and 17 as Preston Watson charges through the offensive line, sacking the quarterback and forcing a punt. Seminole, spurred by their defensive success, swiftly advances down the field. Karson scrambles in the pocket and throws a 32-yard touchdown pass to Justin Rosado, exposing the vulnerabilities in Hagerty’s defense. The Seminoles’ defense remains formidable, once again thwarting the Huskies’ attempts. Executing strategic plays, Seminole finds themselves near the endzone, and Rodney Grant’s 7-yard touchdown seals a commanding 21-0 lead as the first quarter concludes. 


As the second quarter unfolds, Hagerty faces the challenge of devising a strategy to turn the tide and secure a potential victory. Treyvin Clark extends Seminole’s lead by breaking through a Hagerty tackle attempt for a 21-yard touchdown run. With the score at 28-0, senior QB Karson Siqueiros-Laskey takes a backseat, and QB David Parks steps in. Siqueiros-Laskey, seemingly unhampered by injury, engages with teammates on the sideline. He later returns for a critical 4th-and-long in Hagerty territory, executing a well-placed pooch punt downed at the Hagerty 8-yard line. The defensive prowess of Seminole shines as senior DB Da’mun Allen intercepts a pass from Hagerty junior QB Caden Mitchell, returning it to the Hagerty 6-yard line. Seizing the opportunity, Siqueiros-Laskey connects with senior WR Justin Rosado for a 6-yard touchdown pass, bringing the score to Seminole 35, Hagerty 0 with 2:45 left in the second quarter. Hagerty’s most promising drive of the night concludes with an incompletion on 4th-and-5 from the Seminole 25-yard line. With just over a minute remaining in the second quarter, Seminole takes over on downs. Siqueiros-Laskey, in a commanding performance, secures another touchdown, this time finding junior WR Kenyon Holden with a 30-yard touchdown pass, capping off a dominant first half with Seminole leading 42-0.


Despite the change in quarterback for Seminole with the introduction of sophomore Jeysen Williams in the third quarter, a fumbled snap disrupted their offensive momentum, handing possession to Hagerty on their own 45-yard line. It was a critical turning point for Hagerty, providing them with an advantageous field position to capitalize on. Eager to capitalize on the opportunity, Hagerty orchestrated a drive that culminated in a 44-yard field goal by junior Gavin Zinnert. The successful kick not only put Hagerty on the scoreboard but also injected a renewed sense of energy and hope into their team. As the ball sailed through the uprights, the gap between the two teams began to narrow, and Hagerty demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity.


The fourth quarter had no scores and the game ended with a running clock to give Seminole the 42-3 win. In the face of numerous challenges, including adversity, injuries, and personal issues within the team, Karl Calhoun Jr. emphasized the team’s unity and shared commitment, stating, “It really is only us and we need to stand for each other and fight for each other,” Calhoun Jr. said. “I think the guys have really used that for momentum throughout, and it really means a lot to us because it’s built a deeper brotherhood within the players, coaches, and community. It showed tonight. The guys really played together and played for each other.” This acknowledgment reflects a collective determination to overcome obstacles. Seminole will go on to host Apopka High School on the 17th of November. Let’s hope Seminole wins!

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