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Abra Stalker
Preston Watson pictured at the Lake Brantley game

The triumph of Seminoles High School’s football team is indisputably rooted in the relentless dedication and remarkable talent of their key players. These athletes have forged the team into a formidable powerhouse within the state of Florida, and at the forefront of this talent pool stands Michael Key, their senior Wide Receiver.


Michael Key’s performance on the field is nothing short of extraordinary. Averaging 16 yards per carry is a testament to his incredible ability to consistently advance the ball, giving the team a significant advantage in gaining yardage. His 5 touchdowns exemplify his capacity to make clutch plays, securing valuable points for Seminole High. As he approaches the impressive milestone of 500 yards for the regular season, it’s evident that Michael Key is a pivotal force driving the team’s success. In his final year at the school, he has not only showcased his talent but also proven himself to be a reliable and indispensable player.


Michael Key’s contribution to the team’s achievements goes beyond statistics. He brings leadership, determination, and a winning spirit to every game, motivating his fellow teammates to strive for excellence. As the regular season progresses, there’s no doubt that Michael Key’s impact on Seminoles High School’s football team will continue to be a driving force in their pursuit of victory.


Preston Watson is another crucial player, and his impact on the defensive side of Seminole High School’s football team is nothing short of awe-inspiring. With 7.0 sacks to his name, he not onlystands out but he’s also a game-changer. When Preston Watson takes the field, the entire defensive unit transforms into a formidable powerhouse, striking fear into their opponents.


As a senior defensive tackle, he brings experience, leadership, and an unparalleled level of skill to the team. His ability to get to the quarterback with those 7.0 sacks is a testament to his incredible agility, strength, and football IQ. His disruptive presence makes it incredibly challenging for opposing offenses to execute their game plan, and this, in turn, provides the Seminoles with a significant advantage.


Preston Watson’s performance is not just about numbers; it’s about setting the tone for the entire defense. His determination and ability to make crucial stops inspire his teammates, elevating the overall performance of the team. He’s not just making plays; he’s making a statement on the field, proving himself as a leader and a defensive force to be reckoned with in his senior year. With him in the lineup, the Seminoles’ defensive prowess is something to marvel at and a crucial component of their football

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