Airport Lanes is a great place to hang out outside of school!

Aanya Shah, Reporter

After school or during the weekend, many SHS students enjoy having a chance to unwind and spend time with friends. Often, it may seem like there are limited places to hang out, making outside activities monotonous. Check out these nole-approved spots to add variety! Hanging out with your friends can range from bowling together to studying together, and there are options close to school everywhere. 


Arleen Almaraz, an SHS junior, says she likes to go to Airport Lanes. Almaraz enjoys bowling with her friends outside of school. Airport Lanes is conveniently located near school, and has food to snack on! With her friend group, going bowling is great as well because it is made for groups of five to six people.  


Many people in SHS enjoy participating in certain clubs and sports after school. These after-school activities provide the perfect chance for students to interact with people who share similar interests. Sports and after-school activities are a good way to socialize with other people and spend extra time with friends, especially if you are not able to meet somewhere outside of school. 


 Fiona Pando, a sophomore in IB, has a busy schedule due to swim practice and her heavy course load. She spends every weekday after school at swim practice, and goes home to do homework. Despite her busy schedule, Pano enjoys her sport and the extra time she gets with her friends. She has fun swimming with the close-knit team.


“My favorite part is the meets. I like competing with other schools, especially when Seminole does well. I feel proud of my team. I have made some of my closest friends in swim, and I get to spend so much time with them.”, expresses Pando.


Many people like to study with their friends after school. Studying with other people can make coursework less daunting. SHS senior Sanjana Chittlur says the collaboration with like-minded people helps her understand her assignments. 

“I like to go to Panera with my friends to study and get a quick snack. My personal favorite food and drink combo is mac and cheese and iced coffee. Studying with friends makes it easier to manage my workload while spending time with friends. The environment is perfect to talk and do work simultaneously. A lot of people are studying there too, so it is easy to not get distracted.”, comments Chittlur.


Chitler has the chance to socialize while also getting her work done, which she values. She says that completing her homework at Panera makes her life less stressful because she can usually go home and relax, without worrying about her assignments. 


Whether students choose stay at school longer for an after-school activity, go somewhere to eat, or spend time at the bowling alley, most go somewhere with their friends every once in a while. These options provide a place to hang out and socialize with people outside of school. They also can help people become closer to their friends. The next time you plan to hang out with your friends, take a look at this list and see if there is anything that interests you!