A Seminole High student has recently become one of two people in the world to earn a perfect score on the AP Physics exam.

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A Seminole High student has recently become one of two people in the world to earn a perfect score on the AP Physics exam.

Maliha Kareem, Reporter

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International Baccalaureate (IB) junior Jimmy Qin was one of two people worldwide to score perfectly on the AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism exam. This remarkable accomplishment has already received much honor from the school and Seminole High School principal, Dr. Connie Collins.

Collins says, “Jimmy’s performance on the AP Physics Exam C is nothing short of spectacular. I am confident that Jimmy has an exciting future, and [I] look forward to his contributions to society.”

Th AP Physics Exam C is 90 minutes and comprises of two sections, a multiple choice and a free response, that are each 45 minutes long. The questions include those of experimental or laboratory settings and other miscellaneous topics.

When asked about the moment he found out, Qin notes, “The moment I found out, Dr. Collins called me to her office and she told me I had a perfect score, and I felt tired because I didn’t sleep much.”

Qin has won numerous awards on national, state and regional levels including: American Mathematics Competition, American Invitational Math Exam, 2014 and 2015 US Junior Math Olympiad, Florida Team 2014, 2015 and 2016 Harvard MIT Mathematics Tournaments and Princeton University Mathematics Competition. Winning first place in the Princeton University Physics Competition and silver and bronze in the 2014-2015 US Physics Olympiad.

When asked what contributed most to his success, Qin responds, “Luck, it’s easy to get something wrong so you have to be lucky.” According to the Seminole County school district, Qin scored every point possible, one of two people to do so out of 22,789 students who took the exam.

Qin enjoys reading his favorite magazines such as The New Yorker, The Economist and New York Times. He reads physics books for fun and writes political satire. In addition, Qin also has a passion for music; he plays the piano and cello and is a member of the Florida Young Artists Orchestra.

Qin views high school as an important part of his life and will continue working diligently taking everything a step at a time.

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