Aanya Shah, Reporter

Are you interested in getting involved with our community and fostering connections with like-minded individuals? Join The Seminole Times now! Applications will be open until March 17th at 11:59. As a student-run newspaper, The Seminole Times participates in fundraisers, school events, student expos, and more. We function as a student voice and perspective on events affecting our local community. 


Co-Editor-in-Chief and IB senior Mahalla Hynes explains how amazing the work environment is like. She expresses: “The atmosphere in newspaper is very positive and while you have deadlines, adjustments are always made if you are not able to meet them. We want people to learn and grow their writing skills by being a part of the newspaper instead of punishing them for not being able to be perfect on the first try.” 


Newspapers are also the perfect environment to collaborate with others and try new things. Hynes remarks: “I deeply care about everyone on the staff and as the year comes to a close, I see a lot of people who have gone out of their comfort zone and grown tremendously by doing so.”


Hynes is the EIC of print publications, which entails managing the biannual process of distributing the paper copy of our publications. Hynes also handles mentor edits and aids journalism students in improving their writing. Journalism functions as a precursor course to our newspaper, preparing the students for The Seminole Times if they are interested.


Her work as co-editor-in-chief is difficult, but she is able to keep everyone on deadlines and lead efficiently. An EIC such as Hynes helps create a fun working environment. 


IB senior Samhitha Katuru is the other co-editor-in-chief of The Seminole Times. She is in charge of online publication, overseeing weekly publications. Katuru edits and publishes the drafts of writing that reporters write throughout a week. As the online editor, she also provides feedback so students can improve their writing abilities, allowing current reporters to adapt and gain new skills. Kataru’s work is very important to ensuring the success of the Seminole Times. Without her, there would be no online works published, and The Seminole Times would not be a successful newspaper.




Reporters are responsible for writing articles every week, of which the Online EIC will approve for publishing. Reporters write and edit, communicating with the student population for interviews and our social media reels.



Photographers take pictures at school events such as pep rallies and football games. The newspaper pass allows students to get into school events for free and get a front-row view to take pictures and send them to reporters to add onto their articles. 



While designers may also take photos, they design print publications and design graphics for social media and other flyers. Designers also design layouts for articles in the print publications.


All positions require supplemental materials that detail your work and passion. Check out more detailed descriptions on the website under the APPLY page. Applications are now open and close on March 7th. Katuru encourages all people to apply because there is a job for everyone! 


Overall, The Seminole Times is a great opportunity to hone writing skills, communication skills, and it is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded peers. In addition, it is a great community contribution for college applications! If you have not applied yet, you can find QR codes for the application posted on fliers around campus or click this link.


The information is also on the Seminole Times’s Instagram account, at the handle @theseminoletimes. Be sure to apply before the deadline on March 7th at 11:59pm! We hope to see you on staff next year. Email us on for any questions!